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Rainy Day Actvity Ideas for Getting Your Horse Out | SLO Horse News

Preparing Horses for Wet Weather

Will this winter bring much-needed moisture to our parched land? How prepared are your barns and horses for the coming wet weather? Sarah Williams asked fellow Central Coast horse friends for info on how they are preparing for the coming wetness.

How to Properly Prepare for a Horse Competition | SLO Horse News

How to Properly Prepare for a Horse Competition

It’s more than just marking a date on your calendar and sending in an entry fee, it’s months or more of preparation and planning that all comes to fruition in one single event. Sarah Williams weighs in on preparing for a horse competition.

Say, “Bugs Buzz Off” This Summer!

You have probably already wanted to say, “buzz off” to irritating bugs. By all accounts, this year is going to be a bad one in terms of insects, so let’s get a handle on things now! Sarah Williams provides tips and products to say “buzz off” to bugs on our horses and ourselves.