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Say, “Bugs Buzz Off” This Summer!

You have probably already wanted to say, “buzz off” to irritating bugs. By all accounts, this year is going to be a bad one in terms of insects, so let’s get a handle on things now! Sarah Williams provides tips and products to say “buzz off” to bugs on our horses and ourselves.

Rainy Season Riding Strategies

With the arrival of wet weather, rainy season riding strategies need to be on the forefront of our minds. Sarah Williams provides several strategies for making the most of rainy days that might put a damper on regular riding activities.

Sometimes the Answers to our Horse's Problems Start with Us as Riders | SLO Horse News

Sometimes the Answers to our Horse’s Problems Start with Us as Riders

“She just doesn’t seem happy,” my friend said, somewhat exasperated. “She’s cranky when I get her out of her stall, she’s cranky in the arena, it just hasn’t been fun riding lately.” These were the symptoms of a fellow rider’s horse problems. Sarah Williams weighs in on how she helped her friend fix her horse’s problems.

When and How to Say Goodbye to Your Horse

One of the most difficult questions that any equestrian will ever have to answer . . . “When is it time to let go of a beloved equine friend?” Sarah Williams shares her own experience with this and provides information to help us make that difficult decision.