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Automatic Hay Feeder Saves You Time and Takes Away Worry

How often are you able to feed your horses on a consistent schedule? You know it is best for their well-being, and you know they look with anticipation as feeding time rolls along, yet life happens and there are many times when you are feeding your horses late. Boy, do they let you know when you arrive late – circling, stomping, whinnying, pawing, snorting, and fighting with their pasture buddy or stable mate.

How about when you go out of town? Many horse owners simply don’t take much time away from home because of the challenge of providing feed to their horses on a schedule.

Do you long for a consistent early am feeding so you could ride your horse before heading off to work or the day’s responsibilities? Imagine being sound asleep in bed while your horse gets his early am feeding in time for you to ride before life’s responsibilities take you away.

How about that lunchtime feeding that you wish you could add to the schedule, but work and other commitments keep you from providing it every single day? Horses are designed to have small meals throughout the day. You can take care of your life responsibilities and provide the best feeding schedule for your horse.

What if you could set up a system where your horses are fed automatically?

Just think of the time and worry you would save.

Horse owners who keep their horses at home can relate to the need for feeding horses on a reliable schedule. Many riders compete or go on extended trail ride excursions where horses need to be fed early. EEZKEEPER Automatic Hay Feeders is the solution for you.

EEZKEEPER Automatic Hay Feeders

“No more scrambling to find someone else to feed when I have to be away, and always wondering if they feed on the time or the amount I requested.”

Automatic Hay Feeder Saves You Time and Takes Away Worry | SLO Horse NewsThe EEZKEEPER automatic hay feeding system allows you to feed on time, every day, every feeding with an automatic hay feeder. That’s right an automatic hay feeder puts your horses on a regular feeding schedule and does the feeding for you when life just simply gets in the way.

“Now I don’t have to rush home after work to feed, I can put in extra hours at my job or go out to dinner with friends.”

EEZKEEPER automatic hay feeding systems are easy to load and are programmable to fit your specific schedule. A variety of scheduling needs are available from 4 days 2 times a day to 3 days 3 times a day or any number of feed times per day.

“An amazing product that has allowed me freedom in my daily schedule that I’ve never had before.”

EEZKEEPER Takes Care of Multiple Daily Show or Fair Feedings

One version is even portable so your horse (or fair animal) can be fed way before your first event. No more 3x a day fair feedings; you will have more time to enjoy the fair or take care of other activities during the fair or other event.

Place Unit Anywhere

Automatic Hay Feeder Saves You Time and Takes Away Worry | SLO Horse NewsThese units are battery powered so no electrical hook-up is necessary. Place EEZKEEPER anywhere outdoors or indoors. Doors to keep other critters from eating off the feed rations are also available.

Designed by an experienced horseman, engineered by experts and field tested in real-life situations, these automatic hay feeder solutions are dependable, sturdy and reliable. In fact, EEZKEEPER has been field tested and found to be 99.9% reliable after 5 years of testing in extreme weather conditions in Reno, Nevada.

Human Aspect and Monitoring Feeding Remotely

Feeders do not take the human aspect out of caring for your animals, they only assist in feeding. If your feeder location has wi-fi, a camera from your local Best Buy can be installed on the top of the feeder to view the feeding area from your smart phone.

Save Time and Worry with an EEZKEEPER Automatic Hay Feeder

Take the time crunch and worry from your horse feeding task and set your horse up with an EEZKEEPER automatic feeder. You’ll rest easy, enjoy more time with your horse and go out of town with confidence as you rely on the EEZKEEPER automatic hay feeder to do the feeding for you.

The folks who bring you Automatic Hay Feeder solutions also bring you EEZKEEPER Portable corrals.

EEZKEEPER Portable Corrals

Automatic Hay Feeder Saves You Time and Takes Away Worry | SLO Horse NewsHorse campers and trail riders will appreciate EZ Portable Corral. Lightweight portable corral panels make camping or traveling with your horse a breeze. No more struggling with large, heavy panels that take more than one person to set up. The EZ  portable corral has eight panels (five feet tall and six feet long weighing only 10 pounds) to become a 12 x 12 corral.

“I always had to trailer tie my mare at Endurance rides, since she would always move her 4′ portable corral with her chest. The 5′ panel height has fixed that, now she is comfortable and secure in the EEZKEEPER portable corral.”

One person can take less than 15 minutes to setup or take down one corral. Your horse will be set and ready to enjoy the outing soon after you arrive. You won’t be spent and tired after traveling and setting up. So make sure you arrive ready to ride with an EEZKEEPER Portable Corral.

Product photos courtesy of EEZKEEPER

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