Happenings – Special Events

Dissolve Your Mental Blocks – Horse & Rider Clinic with Katja Elk

Many times, mental barriers are at the root of truly feeling that natural ease and joy with our horses. The range of thought patterns and processes that accompany our best riding efforts can be tricky territory and difficult to navigate on our own. Eventually, even the best rider will need a second set of eyes, and perhaps a different point of view, to overcome certain obstacles – remember, “even trainers have trainers”. Katja Elk, an equestrian and life coach, will be addressing these issues to help riders unlock mental blocks holding them back.

Equestrians Help Assist Runners During SLO Ultra Race

This was the inaugural SLO Ultra race and as a brand new event the race organizer Samantha Pruitt was looking to get more people involved and provide a new experience for trail runners. When Samantha approached Kathy Redden about organizing an equestrian group the first question was, “What are the equestrians going to do?”

The answer comes from Kathy herself, along with a participating volunteer equestrian: Beverly Poorman, and a race participant: Steve Laptuz. Sharon Jantzen catches up with all three to capture their SLO Ultra Race experience.

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the view “from the driver’s seat”, so to speak? Well, you’re in luck! A local clinic, held in Arroyo Grande over Labor Day weekend (September 3 -4, 2016) will be held by the esteemed Harry Councell, from Gilroy, as clinician.