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Winter Weather Workouts – Keeping Your Horse Fit

Most of our horses are used to being ridden every day (or at least a few times a week), and when they are suddenly bundled up in their winter blankets and we are doing everything we can to avoid all of that sloppy ground, the lack of exercise can have a detrimental effect. Sarah Williams provides tips on how to keep your horse healthy and active through the winter.

Topical Wound Care for Even the Ugliest of Wounds

Horses are notoriously prone to injury in some form or another, minor and catastrophic. What action would you take to treat a wound on your equine friend? What remedies do you have available to care for your horse’s wound topically? Sharon Jantzen shows us how Well-Horse Skin Remedy can treat horse wounds.

Facing the Future : Afterlife Plans for your Animal Companion

“The truth is that I had no afterlife care plan for Katie and I never considered that I wouldn’t even be there.” Facing the future by developing an afterlife care plan for your furry friend will bring peace of mind in the emotion of the moment. Sharon Jantzen tells her story and talks with Christine Johnson of Eden Memorial Pet Care about pre-planning for your pet’s final day.