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Being a Winner With Horses

Is second place, third place or even Top Five really losing if you put in a performance that you are happy with and your relationship with your horse is getting stronger? Remember, the winning attitude says that “winning” isn’t always a ribbon or title, it’s a progression of your skills and it’s a manifestation of your personal best. Sarah Williams explores what being a winner with horses means.

Press Pause on Your Equine Moments

Girls and their horses, it’s a relationship that Elizabeth understands as a horse owner and lover herself. “It’s a relationship not a styled shoot. My equine portraits are essentially like engagement photos… just substitute the man for a horse!” Come see beauty created through capturing equine moments. Sharon Jantzen interviews Equine Photographer Elizabeth Hay.

Three Lessons Only My Horse Could Teach Me

Our horses are some of the best teachers that we will ever have. What they illustrate so beautifully in their innocent and trusting way, we can apply to our own lives a thousand times over. There are lessons that only our horse could teach us better than anyone else if we’re open to listening and understanding them. Sarah Williams appreciates the three lessons her horses have taught her.