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5 Things Riders Learn as Adults | SLO Horse News

5 Things Riders Learn as Adults

Learning to ride as an adult is not as easy at it was when we were kids. Now we have to juggle a life, a career, a family and a horse habit, but we make it work because we love what we do. Sarah Williams reflects on 5 things she has learned while riding as an adult.

Five Ways to Beat the Saddle Time Blues | SLO Horse News

Five Ways to Beat the Saddle Time Blues

Whether it’s an injury that’s got you laid up, or, as many of us are experiencing right now, bad weather that makes riding impossible, there are still ways to stay connected to your “horse life” without being in the saddle. Sarah Williams shares her favorite ways to beat the Saddle Time Blues.

Can Horses Talk? | SLO Horse News

Can Horses Talk?

If your horse could talk to you verbally, believe me, he would have a lot to say. Sure, a good majority of his “talk” would be centered around asking for things, and not necessarily philosophical conversations surrounding religion and politics – thank goodness! Still, most evolved horse owners realize that horses in fact can talk. Sarah Williams helps us understand how horses do indeed talk to us.

Little Lessons That Matter – A Horsewoman’s Journey | SLO Horse News

Little Lessons That Matter – A Horsewoman’s Journey

Of course, I always remembered the warnings that my grandmother would give me before I would head off into the wild blue yonder. “Sarah,” she would say, “be careful. Don’t get too comfortable.” Great advice, because I think that sometimes we all get a little “too comfortable”. This was one of those little lessons that matters, and there are times when I wish I would have kept this in my head a little bit more. Sarah Williams shares her little lessons that mattered in her journey of becoming a horsewoman.