Dreams Do Come True – CM THE BLACK is Your “Black Stallion”

If you’ve grown up with a love of horses, it’s difficult to escape the ideal of that incredible legend brought to life in the film The Black Stallion.  So many of us, especially in the Arabian horse world, dream of galloping along the beach on our very own “Black Stallion”…and for one lucky person, this dream could become a reality.

Introducing: CM THE BLACK

A beautiful purebred Arabian Stallion offered for sale in Atascadero, CA.


“The Black”, as he is affectionately called, is the epitome of decades of incredible breeding, laden heavily with lines from our own beloved Varian Arabians.  “The Black’s” Grand Sire is the incredible “KEYSTONE BEY V++”, which has given him all of the grace, spirit and work ethic of one of the most well developed lines in the industry.

“He’ll follow you anywhere…for a carrot,” remarked “The Black’s” current owner, Hubert Lauffs.

Hugh purchased CM THE BLACK about three and a half years ago from Cecil Martinez and immediately began showing him in Western Pleasure.  “We competed in the CCCAHA show and brought home 7 blues, and then went on to Scottsdale and did well there too,” Hugh recalls.  “He’s currently qualified for Nationals.”

CM The Black’s Pedigree and Personality

CM THE BLACK was foaled on 07/09/2009 and stands at 15 hands tall.  True to his pedigree, he is a quick learner, is eager to please and has all of the talent and grace necessary for him to leave his mark on the industry in a big way.  He has been blood tested, and is clear for breeding. He currently has three foals on the ground.

CM The Black's Lastest Foal
CM The Black’s Latest Foal

“He has a wonderful personality.  He just stands there while being groomed.  Anyone can ride him, and after he’s been warmed-up, you can even put a child on him,” Hugh explains, when asked about CM THE BLACK’s temperament.

This stallion is a true ambassador of the Arabian breed, and all that has been done by breeders, like the late Sheila Varian, to breed horses that are not only talented and well-built, but who also have minds that allow them to be family horses.  It’s rare to find a stallion that is completely safe around other horses, and especially children, but CM THE BLACK is one of those horses.

With BST NOVA, ALI JAMAAL, and *BASK on top, and HUCKLEBERRY BEY++, BAY EL BEY++, RAFFON and GDANSK on bottom, CM THE BLACK has the pedigree to become the next evolution in the chain of a great breeding program.  Being a proven winner in the show ring, and being currently qualified for Nationals, is just an added bonus that makes this horse one that simply cannot be overlooked.


An All-Around Horse

“The Black is simply an all-around horse.  We’ve taken him to the dunes in Oceano, the beach, and he’s well versed in the arena and show ring,” Hugh describes.  “He has a beautiful, long neck, stands correctly for halter, and he’s just a gorgeous Arabian who was bred for quality.”

Hugh loves CM THE BLACK dearly, but has come to realize that he just doesn’t have the time to promote him properly, so someone is going to get a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a real life “Black Stallion”.  You can find more information on CM THE BLACK’s website, or you can contact Hugh directly (805) 466-4255.  He is being sold through private treaty.







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