Appreciating the Little and Big Things of Life: Eden Memorial Pet Care Driver

“Sometimes we get a thank you left on sticky-note,” remarks Jacob Watkins, Eden Memorial Pet Care Driver. “That makes us feel appreciated.”

All in a day’s work, Jacob has many opportunities to serve people while on a run as an Eden Memorial Pet Care Driver. He and his co-worker rotate between driving and interacting with the clients. Sometimes it’s the Veterinarian’s staff, sometimes they discuss things with the Veterinarian and a few times it’s the actual pet owner who they interact with.  All in a week, the driving duo will head to Fresno and Bakersfield and stop in at veterinarian offices throughout San Luis Obispo County.

Interacts with People Who Like Their Jobs

“I really like working with the staff we serve at each office,” says Jacob. “I like talking with people who genuinely like their jobs.” Whether it be delivering the processed remains of a beloved animal, or picking up a body to be processed or stocking the Eden Memorial Pet Care information or talking about the latest keepsake offerings at Eden Memorial Pet Care, for Jacob it’s all about the connection.

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Jacob tells us about what he enjoys most about serving the client offices, “I really appreciate the hospitality of the offices we serve.” He is there not to just fulfill a job, but to connect with people and the animals.

Eden Memorial Pet Care Driver to Crematory Operations – The Connection Continues

“I have a connection to the animals,” Jacob explains. “I see my job as helping them move on to their afterlife.”

“I have a connection to the animals,” Jacob explains. “I see my job as helping them move on to their afterlife.” He continues this connection to his additional duty of being a part of the Crematory Operations Staff. Here he is learning the routine and order to follow for processing an animal through the crematory. “I feel comfortable making sure things are done right,” Jacob explains. He enjoys learning all he can about the operations. “Handling the horses is quite different!” he exclaims.

Love of Animals Comes from His Mom

“Growing up my mom was the animal collector,” Jacob recalls with a chuckle. “She had lots of cats and I did the dog training.” Today, Jacob misses having a furry friend in his life. However, this past experience helps Jacob understand what a pet owner is going through when faced with the loss of a pet. “It’s a tough job to help people deal with the loss of a pet,” describes Jacob. Yet, he is able to show respect to the person and make sure the pet is well received. 

Coworker Recommended Jacob for This Job

“My co-worker recommended I check out this job. He knew I could handle it,” remarked Jacob. That co-worker is the one he spends all of the travel time with. They work well together as a team to keep the tight pick-up and delivery schedule and split the duties at each site. “It’s a fast-paced job!” exclaimed Jacob. The duo is often on the road by 6 am so they can work around office lunch hours and closing times.

Now Takes Longer Road Trips to Explore California

Becoming familiar with road travel for his job has spilled over into his leisure time. He has explored more of California. “I’m more comfortable doing longer road trips and seeing more of California.” When not on the road, Jacob can be found working on an old car, enjoying the beach or hiking the trails at Montana de Oro. His family roots are deep here in SLO County, having grown up in Atascadero. He has family in all areas of the county.  Overall though Jacob simply, “Plays it slow.”

Jacob is a Shining Example of Service as an Eden Memorial Pet Care Driver

Jacob is a shining example of the quality of care delivered by the staff of Eden Memorial Pet Care. Come find comfort in your time of loss. These fine folks are here to serve you with the loss of your pet, be it ever so great or small.

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