Eden Memorial Pet Care Expansion : Exciting Plans Are Being Realized

“We used to all fit in this room,” exclaimed Christine Johnson, as we peered into a freshly drywalled room about the size of a box stall. “Three staff members would carry out the office work and serve the needs of our clients in this tiny room, the ‘old’ office, for the first 15 years.” The Eden Memorial Pet Care expansion provides more room for more services.

I was onsite Eden Memorial Pet Care for a personal tour of the facility expansion progress from Christine Johnson, President. She was proudly showing me the new buildings and sharing the vision behind each freshly-built part. Construction is still underway but the bulk of the expansion can be seen.

Eden Memorial Pet Care Expansion to Offer A Viewing Room

The tour continued to the new viewing room just a few steps away from the “old” office. Christine helped me see how clients will now experience full closure with the passing of each precious pet.

 “This is where clients will be able to spend time with their deceased beloved pets before seeing them off to the crematory chamber,” explained Christine as we stood in a private room with a window facing two crematory chambers. There will be comfy seating and soothing touches to enhance the goodbye experience.

View of the crematory chambers. Photo: Eden Memorial Pet Care

Christine wants to provide a more tangible closure for clients who have lost their special pets. Here a client can spend time alone, remembering and appreciating the connection they had with their special pet. When the client is ready, the deceased pet will be taken to be placed in the chamber. The pet owner will be able to watch the entire proceedings.

Expansion Includes a Brand New Office Building

Brand new office building which houses “Large Marge”, the processing center and the workroom.

We then stepped across the way to the brand-new office building where the majority of the expansion has taken shape.

The staff now enjoys more elbow room and work space in a whole new office area created within a brand-new building. This new building houses the new office, a work room and a state-of-the-art crematory oven.

Large Marge

“Large Marge”

The new oven is affectionately called, Large Marge. “She” is quite efficient and can personally process four pets in private chambers in about half the time as the traditional chamber over where the viewing room is.

The Processor

Next to Large Marge is the cremains processing area. Here the remaining product from the crematory chamber is processed into a sand-like substance, the cremains. All the while the tracking tag follows each pet to ensure the purity of the end product.

Processed Cremains

New Office Digs

New Expanded Office

A new expanded office provides plenty of space for getting work done while meeting the needs of clients. The general manager will enjoy all the space of the “old” refurbished office when everything is finished.

New Workspace

New Workspace for Packaging and Delivering Cremains

A new workspace which houses urns and other memorial items such as clay paw prints (working on a hoof print option) allows Eden Memorial Pet Care to expand their services. Now, the competent and caring staff are involved in the entire process from cremating the pet, prepping the cremains and then delivering them in pre-purchased, client chosen urn along with making mementos to go along with the pet. All of this is to help clients have closure and keep happy and healthy memories of their beloved pets.

Eden Memorial Pet Care Expansion Helps You Say Goodbye to Any Pet

Eden Memorial Pet Care can help you say goodbye to any type of pet from exotic to domestic, hamster to horse. The caring staff are available to help you process your grief, experience a healthy goodbye and leave you with a physical remembrance.

Eden Memorial Pet Care Expansion to Serve Pet and Horse Owners

Eden Memorial Pet Care can help small pet and horse owners pre-plan for after life care of their buddies and riding partners. Christine recognizes that for horse owners this option may pose a financial commitment. She will sit down and discuss a plan, including how the horse will be collected and brought to the facility. This plan will spell out any financing options needed, resulting in having the whole process financially covered before the beloved riding partner passes.

The Eden Memorial Pet Care expansion turns this business into a full-service pet crematory. Special recognition is given to the connection the human and animal relationship provides. The caring staff at Eden Memorial Pet Care are here for you every step of the way. Christine is looking at January 2020 for Eden Memorial Pet Care Expansion Grand Opening events.

Photo Credit, except where noted: Sharon Jantzen Photos

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