Eden Memorial Pet Care’s Dynamic Driving Duo | SLO Horse News

Eden Memorial Pet Care’s Dynamic Driving Duo

Just how do the pets get to Eden Memorial Pet Care and back to their owners after processing? A dynamic driving duo makes the weekly rounds providing pick-up service at Vet Hospitals of animals and then back again to deliver the cremains.

Eden Memorial Pet Care’s Dynamic Driving Duo | SLO Horse News

Casey Barge and Heath Dillard take turns at the wheel and help each other handle the larger pets as they make weekly stops at Vet Hospitals in Kern and San Luis Obispo counties.

Casey – Surprised by What He would Be Doing

Casey, raised in the Atascadero and Paso Robles area, has been driving the Eden Memorial Pet Care van for just about a year. “I really didn’t know what I would be doing when I got called in for the interview,” related Casey with a laugh as he recalled when he realized what his duties would be and his response was, “Oh so THAT’s what I’m going to be doing!”

He soon got used to handling the animals who are placed in an eco-friendly body bag which he lifts into the van and then places in the freezer back at Eden. “I’m not a sit behind a desk type of person,” Casey described. “I work with friendly people so that makes it fun.”

No stranger to animals, Casey enjoys two dogs, chickens, a peacock and a peahen who share the 45 acre ranch he calls home. A former FFA and 4-H sheep breeder, Casey was one of the only Dorset breeders in California at the time he was showing sheep.

In his free-time Casey enjoys riding his dirt bike, the beach and hiking in the Sierras. He has climbed Mt. Whitney (the tallest peak in California) and made it to the 4th Station of Mt. Fiji in Japan. He plans to return to Japan and make it all the way to the top someday.

Heath – Drawn by an Interest in Working in a Crematorium

As head driver, Heath, born and raised in Paso Robles, joined the Eden team about a year ago. The job seemed interesting to him because he always had an interest in working in a crematorium. He enjoys friendly communication with the Vet Hospitals and a traveling job that is far from mundane.

A keen sense of humor makes him a fun companion on the road. Heath also enjoys the Eden Memorial Pet Care staff, “I work with awesome people!” In addition to his driving duties, Heath is learning about the cremation process and makes sure all the vehicles are in good working order.

Playing paintball and airsoft, motorcycle riding and hiking provide Heath with fun outside of work. You might find him wandering a hiking trail near the coast, “There’s no better place to hike than the coast near Hearst Castle,” Heath relayed. He also enjoys a good hike up Madonna Mountain and a long beautiful hike on the East side of the Cuesta grade where one might run across a mountain lion or a bear.

New Eden Facility Enlargements are Welcomed by This Dynamic Driving Duo

Eden Memorial Pet Care’s Dynamic Driving Duo | SLO Horse News

This dynamic duo welcomes the new additions to the Eden Memorial Pet Care facility. Casey says, “It makes it easier for us to load and unload with the van being more conveniently placed.” Heath mentions, “It’s really spacious so there is more room to be organized.”

Both men are appreciated for the role they play in servicing the needs of the Eden Memorial Pet Care clients.

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