Equine Omega Complete – A Complete Supplement That Works

Having 8-10 horses in the barn sometimes comes in handy, especially when we need test subjects for products. We got the chance to try out some Equine Omega Complete (formerly Equine Mega Omega) with two different horses and were really impressed with the results.

The Product
Equine Mega Complete is a complete supplement for horses that is made up of organic mechanically expelled soybean oil, meaning it’s not chemically extracted. It features all of the essential amino acids that a horse needs and has, and as they say, “the tightest ratio of Omega 3’s to Omega 6’s on the market today.” Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, so in short, they’re really important.

Equine Omega Complete Jug

Supplements like Equine Omega Complete are very important, as most of our horses don’t get access to fresh green grass everyday. And lets face it, we live in California, if our horses are lucky enough to get access to grass pasture, saying its ‘green’ is a bit of an overstatement. Their website also states,

FACT: If horses don’t get fresh green grass everyday, they need Equine Omega Complete.

Simply because the lack of fresh green grass in your horse’s diet assures they’re getting too little Omega 3 and too much Omega 6.

So what specifically is this product for? There’s a laundry list of things it does, but some of the chief points are that it reduces joint and tissue inflammation, builds a strong immune and healthy digestive systems, helps hooves to grow strong and healthy, and helps to keep the reproduction system healthy.

Equine Omega Complete is the core supplement from O3 Animal Health. Their two other supplements are specifically formulated versions of Equine Omega Complete. One is Equine Mega Sweat which is used to treat Anhidrosis, and the other is Equine Mega Gain, which features calm calories for weight control.

Find out more about their products at http://www.o3animalhealth.com.

The Horses
We chose the two horses that are most opposite from each other – Ember and Cat.

Ember is a small two year old Arabian filly with tons of attitude and opinion. She’s a bit of a picky eater when it comes to grain and supplements, so the big challenge heading into this was, frankly, to get her to eat the stuff. We’re just starting to work with Ember in the round pen so she’d be considered in ‘very light work.’

On the other hand, Cat is a 16hh 5 year old Thoroughbred gelding who is mostly all chill, except for when he plays in the pasture. He’s also not to picky when it comes to eating – Just about anything that tastes better than dirt will do. Cat serves as a lesson horse for Nikki a number of times during the week and is kept on a constant riding program since he’s currently for sale, he’d be considered to be in ‘medium work.’


Ember (bay)



The Results
As most of you know a 30 day trial isn’t long enough to see full results of a supplement, but it is long enough to test it out – both to see some initial results and figure out if your horses will even eat it. Both Ember and Cat received supplements in the regular recommended dosage for about 30 days.

Since Equine Omega Complete is a liquid, we fed it with grain as both horses receive grain daily. Ember just gets a cup of dry grain and Cat gets a healthy portion of a grain and soaked beet pulp mash. No problems with Cat of course, but Ember wash’t a big fan of it in her grain so we switched it up after a few days and put it directly on her alfalfa hay and had no further issues.

After about a week and a half you could see the results already coming through… a cleaner looking and healthier coat and a general overall wellbeing. The two-three week range we saw more of the same – nice shiny coats and really happy and healthy horses.

Nearing the end, 25+ days in, you could start to see some really nice effects from supplementing with Equine Omega Complete. Nice coats, healthy horses, great digestion ‘effects’ (if you get where I’m going with that), and great working ability and suppleness throughout the body.


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