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Feeding Your Horses On-time: Every Feeding, Every Day

It’s feeding time at the barn. The horses all seem to know it…they’re restless and pawing the ground. Paddock neighbors are bickering with each other. All heads are up and ears are pricked with eyes searching for the first clue you are coming around the corner to feed them. These are all signs that you should be feeding your horses.

Yet you – the feeder they are waiting for –  are stuck in traffic, or finishing up last minute details at work, or running an errand before getting home, or sleeping in.  Each minute you are late, the horses mark with their hooves in the dirt or with another “love-bite” on their neighbor’s hide.  We may laugh at their antics, but in reality this can be not only a nuisance, but it can be dangerous. Late feeding causes our horses to stress.

Is there a Fix to an Inconsistent Feeding Schedule?

What if there was a fix to this scenario? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the horses could be fed at the same time every day, rain or shine, with traffic or errands holding you back? Well feeding your horses on-time, every day is possible! Check out EEZKEEPER, where feeding your horses every day, with or without your presence, is done automatically.

“The EEZKEEPER is essentially a giant hay vending machine that allows you to program when it dispenses hay to your beasts. Who WOULDN’T want one?” – Morgane Schmidt Gabriel

“The EEZKEEPER is essentially a giant hay vending machine that allows you to program when it dispenses hay to your beasts. Who WOULDN’T want one?” Says Morgane Schmidt Gabriel, who recently experienced the benefits of feeding with the EEZKEEPER system.

EEZKEEPER makes Feeding Your Horses Reliable, Flexible and Very Convenient

Morgane put this feeding system through its paces and found it to be reliable, flexible, and very convenient. If I had two pasture puffs or a barn of ten or more, I honestly think an investment in the EEZKEEPER makes total sense; it saves you time and potentially money if you’re paying someone to feed.”

How about you? Do you often find yourself unable to keep a consistent feeding schedule for your horses, who mark time by the expected feedings in their day? Here’s what Morgane said about that, “The EEZKEEPER has been awesome in that it’s allowed me to better balance riding, teaching, working, errands, and my family. Even if I’m running late, I know they’ll have hay available on a consistent schedule.”

What do Others Have to Say about the EEZKEEPER feeding system?

Feeding Your Horses On-time: Every Feeding, Every Day | SLO Horse News“No more scrambling to find someone else to feed when I have to be away, and always wondering if they fed on the time or the amount I requested.”

The EEZKEEPER automatic hay feeding system allows you to feed on time, every day, every feeding with an automatic hay feeder. That’s right an automatic hay feeder puts your horses on a regular feeding schedule and does the feeding for you when life just simply gets in the way.

“Now I don’t have to rush home after work to feed, I can put in extra hours at my job or go out to dinner with friends.”

EEZKEEPER automatic hay feeding systems are easy to load and are programmable to fit your specific schedule. A variety of scheduling needs are available from 4 days 2 times a day to 3 days 3 times a day or any number of feed times per day.

“An amazing product that has allowed me freedom in my daily schedule that I’ve never had before.”

EEZKEEPER Takes Care of Multiple Daily Show or Fair Feedings

Many of us know how difficult it can be to keep a good schedule when it comes to events, shows, etc.  You have to get up at 5 am to feed your horse(s) first so that they’re ready for your first class, which sometimes means you’re only “meal” is a hot cup of coffee.

One version of the EEZKEEPER is even portable so your horse (or fair animal) can be fed way before your first event. No more having to make time for 3x a day fair feedings; EEZKEEPER gives more time to enjoy the fair or take care of other activities during the fair or other event.  You can get your much needed rest, hot shower and breakfast, knowing your animals are being fed, making both of your day’s more enjoyable.

Place Unit Anywhere

Feeding Your Horses On-time: Every Feeding, Every Day | SLO Horse NewsThese units are battery powered so no electrical hook-up is necessary. Place EEZKEEPER anywhere outdoors or indoors. Doors to keep other critters from eating off the feed rations are also available.

Designed by an experienced horseman, engineered by experts and field tested in real-life situations, these automatic hay feeder solutions are dependable, sturdy and reliable. In fact, EEZKEEPER has been field tested and found to be 99.9% reliable after 5 years of testing in extreme weather conditions in Reno, Nevada.

Human Aspect and Monitoring Feeding Remotely

Feeders do not take the human aspect out of caring for your animals, they only assist in feeding. If your feeder location has wi-fi, a camera from your local Best Buy can be installed on the top of the feeder to view the feeding area from your smart phone.

Save Time and Worry with an EEZKEEPER Automatic Hay Feeder

Take the time crunch and worry from your horse feeding task and set your horse up with an EEZKEEPER automatic feeder. You’ll rest easy, enjoy more time with your horse and go out of town with confidence as you rely on the EEZKEEPER automatic hay feeder to do the feeding for you.

Want more details? You can see the full range of potential feeders and pricing on the EEZKEEPER website, and their Facebook page shows more product pictures and provides info.

If you would like a demonstration of the feeder, Connie DeJong the Central CA representative, can invite you to her barn or she can do group demonstrations at a location of your choice. Call 307-413-1481 for more information.

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