Personal, Private and Peaceful Cremation Options Coming to Eden Memorial Pet Care

Personal, private and peaceful cremation of a beloved pet or equine will soon be possible. “We knew the pet industry was changing ten years ago,” explains Christine Johnson, President of Eden Memorial Pet Care, regarding their current expansion plans. “The industry has been moving towards humanized animal care.”

Creating the Dream for Personalized Cremation Options

Following this trend Christine and her dad began nailing down their dreams and plans scribbling on a napkin on-route home from a conference about ten years ago. “We have had the dream to offer a more personalized cremation experience at Eden Memorial Pet Care for more than ten years,” Christine exclaimed.

That dream is coming to fruition at their Paso Robles facility. “We’ve pretty much been a back-door service where deceased pets are picked up from local veterinary hospitals and we return the cremains back to the hospitals,” describes Christine. The expansion is enlarging the main building to provide for a private room where pet owners can grieve and a receiving room to showcase products such as urns and clay paw/hoof prints. 

Designed for a Personal, Private and Peaceful Cremation Experience

“People don’t want to just bring their terminally ill or severely aging pet into the hospital knowing this setting is the last experience they will have,” discussed Christine regarding the private grieving room designed into their expansion. “Our clients can now have a more personal, private and peaceful cremation experience with their deceased animals.”

Having a private setting also enables the staff to sit down with clients before the sad day arrives to pre-plan options. “We’ll have a receiving room where urns and memorials can be viewed. We’ll also have a quiet place where we’ll sit down with clients to discuss options ahead of time through pre-planning,” says Christine as she laid out the vision behind the expansion plans.

All to Benefit Their Clients

The benefits to the clients are numerous. First off, a more personal, private and peaceful cremation experience is available for processing the passing of beloved pets of all kinds: companion pets, equine and exotic.

Second, pre-planning options can be discussed in a comfortable and private setting where urn and memorial options can be seen. Extra services can be discussed along with setting up payment plans worked out before the sad day comes. All of this is designed with the pet owner in mind to provide the best closure possible while going through the difficult process of saying goodbye to a beloved pet.

Crematory Expansion and Upgrade

The main building is not the only part of the expansion plan. The crematory is getting an upgrade as well. A new 40×80 building is almost completed.  

Personal, Private and Peaceful Cremation Options Coming to Eden Memorial Pet Care | SLO Horse News

The existing crematory will remain in operation while a new multi-chambered, state-of-the-art unit is being added to the new building. This new unit allows for more efficient and versatile options including upping the number of exclusive private cremations.

Expansion Process

Now that the expansion plan is in full swing Christine is a able to look back at where they have come and is excited about where they are headed. “The most difficult part was working with the county,” expressed Christine. “My dad ran that leg so I could stay focused on the daily operations of Eden Memorial Pet Care. The permit process and environmental issues to overcome took 30 pages of changes!” Perseverance paid off and they got through the permit process.

Personal, Private and Peaceful Cremation Options Coming to Eden Memorial Pet Care | SLO Horse News

Since then, the building process has been going along smoothly and Christine credits that to her contractor, Jim Tierney. She tells us, “When Jim could finally just do it, everything went up quickly.” 

Grand Opening Summer of 2019

“We want people to come and see what we can do for them,” explained Christine. “It really is an amazing process and our new facility will be something people will appreciate seeing.” To kick the new services into motion there will be a Grand Opening sometime this summer.

Additional Services

The new expansion will open doors for developing ideas like offering a Grief Support group. They’re also looking at new ways to offer pet paw prints for companion animals and exotics and hoof prints for horses. In addition, owners will have an option to make an appointment to bring their deceased pet on site. This allows owners to spend some final quality time with their pet and make arrangements to bring home the cremains possibly that day. 

The Eden Memorial Staff is Excited

Personal, Private and Peaceful Cremation Options Coming to Eden Memorial Pet Care | SLO Horse News

“Now that they can see the expansion taking place, my staff is really excited,” Christine tells us. “They are seeing how this is going to work now that they can walk through the new building.” The day-to-day operations continue even with the construction going on around them. It gives them vision for the future. “We’re a small family team,” Christine explains. “We’re working hard in all our roles and we’re seeing the fruit of our labor.”

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