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Jack shares the view from Redwings

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      Thank you for purchasing photos for this special promotion

      Here's what you get: 1. A High Resolution digital copy of the photo which is ideal for prints of any size. Use this digital copy to order prints or canvas photos from a store of your choosing, 2. Social Media Sharing size digital copy - You will also receive a low-resolution digital copy of the photo you can use for sharing on social media in the same download. The low-resolution photo will have my watermark on it. When sharing photos on social media please provide photo credit to: Sharon Jantzen Photos 3. Print Release - Included with your order and is downloaded automatically with the above items. This gives you permission to get prints at a store of your choosing. All this for $20.00 per photo. A link including all the above can be found on your receipt which will include all photos from one order. Here's what Redwings gets:

      Redwings Horse Sanctuary will receive 30% of the total order.


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