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Four Fun Horse Facts for You to Figure Out


Since she often has the pleasure of introducing horses to people who have little to no exposure to our wonderful equine friends, Sharon often shares the following fun horse facts. Thinking there was still more to know about each, Sharon Jantzen did a little research to add even more to these fun horse facts. Test yourself. Can you figure out the answers to these four horse facts?

It Was One of Those Days…


See, we all have “those days”…you know the ones where our best laid plans simply go completely off the rails and we’re left questioning our sanity. It does something to our minds when a series of events sets into motion a state of awareness that sometimes we just need to step back, take a breath and gather ourselves. Sarah Williams walks us through the steps of knowing when the best course of action is simply taking our time.

How to Become a Better Rider in 3 Easy Steps


Success in the saddle isn’t about winning ribbons or medals, or being the “best” rider among your trail buddies; success in the saddle is a very personal thing, and it basically means that you are able to handle situations as they arise, take appropriate steps to correct mistakes as they happen, and that you are comfortable in your abilities. Sarah Williams shares her tips to get you going in the right direction.