Three Ways to Put “Spring” in your Riding Activities

It’s upon us, that delightful Spring season that brings sun, vibrant colors, freshness and new life! The days are longer, the weather is mild, and we find ourselves being drawn out into the world, where the rains have urged our incredible Central Coast to erupt in displays of green grass hillsides and colorful wildflower displays. Our horses are shedding out – those slick summer coats are just beginning to appear – and all of this “newness” begs us to consider sprucing up our Spring riding wardrobe!

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Add Spring to Your Show Season

Hobby Horse Show Apparel
Hobby Horse Women’s SwitchIt Pirouette Show Jacket
Men's western show shirt
Cinch Men’s Blue Print Long Sleeve Western Shirt

Many riders are prepping for the show season, and that means a fresh and classy look for the show ring. Western riders will appreciate the stylish new trends that are emerging this season when it comes to show shirts and jackets.

Women have many new western long sleeve show shirt options that provide both style and comfort. Men haven’t been left out though, as there are also some great new options for the western show or go-to-town look. It’s easy to stay on trend and be comfortable at the same time this year!

Dressage Coat 2016
Horze Crescendo Shirley Softshell Show Coat/Jacket

Dressage riders will be looking for that formal and yet stylishly trendy attire. Crystal detailed buttons and other subtle embellishments are all the rage this year. Stay cool and on trend with Horze Crescendo Shirley Softshell Women’s Show Jackets.

English show coat traditional washable
RJ Classics Devon Black Herringbone Show Coat Jacket

Traditional English riders will appreciate the ease and style of a new show coat. The RJ Classics Devon Black Herringbone Show Coat Jacket is a great choice, and features a classic herringbone pattern with double back cooling vents and sleeve vents. This winner is machine washable at an affordable price! Need a new English riding show shirt to go with that new coat? Try out the Ariat Women’s Aptos Mock Collar Show Shirt, which wicks away moisture from your skin to keep you cool and comfortable, especially under a show coat.

Add Spring to Your Warm Weather Riding

Let’s face it, we spend a lot of time in the sun while enjoying our riding pursuits, especially if we’re hitting the trails or just working our horses in the arena. There’s nothing worse than getting overheated, over-sweaty and uncomfortable while trying to enjoy our time in the saddle or just around the barn. Sprucing up that Spring riding wardrobe does not begin or end in the show pen.

Cooling Ice long sleeve shirt
Kerrits Spring IceFil Flex Long Sleeve Shirt Top Print

No matter what your discipline or chosen activity, staying cool and getting protection from the sun is tops on the list. There are even more trendy cooling shirt options available this year, that give us both of these features and look fashionable as well. Get yourself something new to turn heads at the barn or on the trail.

neck band
HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Neck Band

Need a little something extra to keep you cool on those hot summer days that are just around the corner? Check out the HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Neck Band.  This handy little product is easy to keep in your trailer or in your apparel bag at the showgrounds; simply submerge it in water and you’ll be 10 to 12 degrees cooler for hours! Let me tell you, these guys are a must have item when you’re at a show in 100 degree weather and trying not to sweat off all of your makeup!

Add Some Color to Your Grooming Activities

Colorful curry combs
The Shed Flower Curry Comb by Epona

Yes, brightening up your world doesn’t have to end with what you put on your body in terms of clothing…maybe it’s time to add something fun to your grooming bucket. Pick up the Epona Shed Flower Curry Comb and be the coolest kid at the barn! This handy little grooming device fits easily and comfortably in your hand and is very effective at pulling out shedding hair and removing dirt from your horse’s coat.

mane comb
Roma Patterned Mane Comb

You may also enjoy grabbing a new and improved “grooming caddy” to hold all of your essentials…it’s spring, after all, so why not go for something as colorful as all of those beautiful flowers blooming all around us – we’ve heard that pink and purple, and patterns are hot trends this season. Throw in a Roma Patterned Body Brush  and a Roma Patterned Mane Comb  and you’ll be having everyone at the barn asking where you got your fancy new accessories! An added bonus…the bright, colorful print is not only cheery, it makes it more difficult to lose your items.

Now is the time to get a new look for spring and be ready to enjoy your show season or trail riding season in comfort and class. Make sure you are covered and cool everyday while riding and working outside with a cooling shirt, and maybe even a HyperKewl Neck Band. Or become the “barn fairy” and make someone’s day by planting a fresh, colorful flower curry comb, Roma Body Brush or Mane Comb in a barn mate’s tack box – trust us, the smile’s you’ll get will brighten your entire season. Happy Spring!

Product photo on main image courtesy of Riding Warehouse.

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