Beth Wonson

Beth Wonson

Beth Wonson lives on the Central Coast of California and spends her time with speaking, writing and coaching with individuals and companies all over the U.S. A certified Equus Coach, she leads retreats for people who are seeking community and positive support while exploring the next phase of their own lives. Any given day you can find her hanging with horses, hiking the hills or wandering the beaches. Her first book, “Let Go of the Rock - a new look at the dynamics of self-management” is due out in September.

The Wisdom of Horses

“Through the coaching, the woman began to see how she could create a greater connection by caring for herself and her own needs first. Together we developed some action steps for her to put her insights into practice. As I watched her leave the ranch that day, I could barely believe the transformation in her demeanor.” Beth Wonson gives us the inside view of Equus Coaching.

Mark Rashid Clinic Report

Submitted by Beth Wonson Well-known Colorado based horseman, Mark Rashid ( led a three-day clinic on High Mountain Road in Arroyo Grande this week.  The clinic held at the ranch of Anita Parra included participants from as far away as British Columbia and others who simply walked their horse across…