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9 Equine Melanoma Myths Busted


Is your horse going gray? Equine melanoma gene research indicates that this fact predisposes your horse to develop equine melanoma. What are the myths surrounding this disease? Sharon Jantzen presents information gleaned from the Equine Melanoma research team at UC Davis.

Tips for Keeping Horses Healthy in Hot Weather


Keeping horses healthy in hot weather requires management of flies, body temp, nutrition, water source and air quality. Sarah Judson of Sage and Spur Ranch in San Luis Obispo has some tips for every horse owner and describes the hot weather services her barn provides.

Say, “Bugs Buzz Off” This Summer!


You have probably already wanted to say, “buzz off” to irritating bugs. By all accounts, this year is going to be a bad one in terms of insects, so let’s get a handle on things now! Sarah Williams provides tips and products to say “buzz off” to bugs on our horses and ourselves.