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Seized Horses Have Become Adoptable Horses


The three adoptable horses came to The Equine Center from SLO County Animal Services who were part of a group of 11 removed from poor conditions where food and water were scarce in SLO County. The three horses were all stallions, but have since been gelded. Sharon Jantzen interviews Kristin Dell, Practice Manager at The Equine Center who introduces us to these handsome and available gents.

Seeing Stripes - The Secret Band of Central Coast Zebras | SLO Horse News

Seeing Stripes – The Secret Band of Central Coast Zebras


Our interaction with the wild and exotic Central Coast Zebras will have to be from a far, appreciating their unique designs, watching hooves and teeth fly with no mind to their herd mates and enjoying the delight of a young foal frolic about. It’s not often that we get to see such exotic animals in a “free” and “uncaged” way. Sharon Jantzen shares how you can catch a glimpse of the somewhat-secret band of Central Coast Zebras.

The Inventive Equine – Five Ways They Thwart Us | SLO Horse News

The Inventive Equine – Five Ways They Thwart Us


“My horse understands me better than any human being ever will,” a good friend of mine said triumphantly the other day while out at the barn. Five minutes later, she was cursing that intuitive equine under her breath as she chased him through a maze of stalls. He had become the inventive equine. Sarah Williams gives us a few laughs as we recognize the ways our horses thwart us.

The Arabian Horse Story Collection | SLO Horse News

The Arabian Horse Story Collection


Whether you are an Arabian horse fan or just familiar with the breed, these stories will surely fan the Arabian horse flame in you. Enjoy our story compilation: The Arabian Horse Story Collection. All stories are written by our in-house Arabian horse fan, Sarah Williams.