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Join the Fun of a Memorial Trail Trial Honoring Fallen Heroes and Horses


The Western States Mounted Officers Association Trail Trials honors fallen mounted personnel and mounts. For more than two decades the Trail Trials have honored the dedicated Mounted Police heroes and horses by remembering them while riding and competing, building camaraderie, having fun, and winning prizes. Sharon Jantzen provides the details for this fun Trail Trial event you can be a part of.

First-Ever Huasna Endurance Ride Coming Up | SLO Horse News

First-Ever Huasna Endurance Ride Coming Up


“The terrain and the views are spectacular on this 30,000 acre historic ranch. Each loop will take you far into oak savanna that looks like it did in the days of the Spanish rancheros. Come be an inaugural rider on the 25, 50 mile or 8 mile Introductory Huasna Endurance Ride!” Says Kathleen Phelps the ride manager. Get your entry in by February 10 and mark your calendars for April 9 & 10, 2022.

Persevering to Preserve the Live Oak Equestrian Trail


Equestrians were not invited to provide input regarding a trail set aside for equestrian use only. Once equestrians got wind of the planned change to the Live Oak Equestrian use Only Trail they sprang into action. Their efforts resulted in turning away mountain bikers for the time being. However, now the trail is open to hikers for a period of time as a pilot program. Get the updated information about the Live Oak Equestrian Trail and plan for a big ride coming up.

Gathering Toys as Usual: Toys for Tots Trail Ride is Modified | SLO Horse News

Gathering Toys As Usual: Toys For Tots Trail Ride is Modified


This year, the 46th Annual Toys for Tots trail ride will function a bit differently. Typically, Atascadero Horsemen’s Club organizes a trail ride for the public. Usually collecting toys and gifts takes place followed by enjoying a marked trail ride route in the Salinas Riverbed. Sharon Jantzen provides the detail on the modified Toys for Tots trail ride.