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First-Ever Huasna Endurance Ride Coming Up | SLO Horse News

First-Ever Huasna Endurance Ride Coming Up

“The terrain and the views are spectacular on this 30,000 acre historic ranch. Each loop will take you far into oak savanna that looks like it did in the days of the Spanish rancheros. Come be an inaugural rider on the 25, 50 mile or 8 mile Introductory Huasna Endurance Ride!” Says Kathleen Phelps the ride manager. Mark you calendars for April 25-26, 2020.

Experience the Equine Emergency Evacuation Expo

Remember the photos of horses running down the street with a wildfire blazing behind them? Did your heart leap out of your chest in wanting to help these terrified creatures? Our local horse community needs you to be trained to help in equine emergency evacuation scenarios. Our local HEET organization shares the details of the upcoming Equine Emergency Evacuation Expo in Santa Ynez.

Pulling Together: Horses, Mules and People Put Up Picnic Tables

New picnic benches were built on the new Canyon View trail at Montana de Oro. Skilled human labor would be on hand to build the picnic benches, but just how would the materials get to the overlook spot specifically picked out for the picnic benches to sit? It took a coordinated effort of several trail user groups to pull together. Sharon Jantzen gathers the story from several participants in this collaborated effort.

Horses Help Heal People Emotionally – Horse Sense & Healing | SLO Horse News

Horses Help Heal People Emotionally – Horse Sense & Healing

Eight individuals, who as first-responders or veterans have experienced trauma, came for a weekend of interacting with horses to learn about themselves. Seven of the eight individuals had never even touched a horse before coming to Flag is Up Farm and taking part in the Horse Sense & Healing program offered by Monty Roberts. Sharon Jantzen captures the moments of several join-up sessions.