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Horse Camp and Ride with Your Friends : Coast Mounted Assistance Poker Ride at Montaña de Oro

Come join in on a fun weekend of camping with your equine partner and friends at Montaña de Oro sponsored by the Coast Mounted Assistance volunteers. From the sands on the beach of the Pacific Ocean to the rocky shale of Hazard’s Peak, the panoramic views are breathtaking, especially if viewed on horseback. Peggy Phaklides, Coast Mounted Assistance President, provides the details for the 2018 Horse Camping and Poker Ride at Montaña de Oro.

Feel the Healing Power of the Equine Through an Evening of Enchanted Dancing Horses | SLO Horse News

Feel the Healing Power of Horses Through an Evening of Enchanted Dancing Horses

Sylvia Zerbini will demonstrate the unique connection she has with her herd through performing at liberty, and will be joined by aerial entertainers formerly from Cavalia and Cirque du Soleil. Share the beauty and healing power of the horse/human connection through the marvel of movement and music thorough Enchanted Dancing Horses. Sharon Jantzen shares the details of this fabulous fundraiser.

Scorched Earth and Smoky Skies Give Rise to a Horse Community Banding Together

Scorched earth and smoky skies gave rise to a horse community that banded together to help in many ways. Many in our horse community did not stand and watch the fires burn. Instead, they stuck out a helping hand or offered assistance. Sharon Jantzen summarizes the variety of ways our local horse community lent a helping hand to our fire ravaged neighbors.