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The “V” Stays at the New Varian Equestrian Center


“We fell in love with Sheila’s story,” relates Caprice. “We’re keeping the presence of Sheila’s legacy running under the new name: Varian Equestrian Center. The honor wall showcasing all Sheila accomplished will remain in the show barn.” Sharon Jantzen introduces the new owners of Varian Equestrian Center.

Customized Feeding Program for Each Horse at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch | SLO Horse News

Customized Feeding Program for Each Horse at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch


Sarah has been managing a variety of horses for 20 years. She knows that each horse is different and does best with a specialized diet. Therefore, the cost of hay is not in the base price for boarding at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch. The base boarding price includes the facility use and stall cleaning. Instead, each owner pays for the hay and feed their horse consumes. This saves money for easy keepers, keeps costs manageable for heavy feeders by using supplements, and retired horses get the special diets and feedstuffs they need. Learn about the customized feeding programs for the horses at SLO Sage and Spur Ranch.

River Road Horse Camp Now Accepting Happy Campers


The River Road Horse Camp, at Santa Margarita Lake, was excitingly experiencing its debut and its first overnight tenants were enjoying the fruits of their labor. I took a moment to reflect that this fresh scene has actually been years in the making. Sharon Jantzen joins the Grand Opening party for River Road Horse Camp.