Horses – Tack and Equipment

Memories of Purchasing My First Saddle


The trip to the tack store to purchase my first saddle is etched in my mind as a first step to responsibility as a horse-crazed 16-year-old. I was purchasing my first saddle, well . . . contributing to it at least, while successfully navigating the LA freeways. Sharon Jantzen travels down memory lane and takes us back to purchasing her first saddle. She also shares herd member stories about their first saddle purchases. Tips for buying and fitting a saddle are also included. So put your foot in the stirrup and let’s go.

Simply a Horse Lead Rope?


Most equestrians consider the lead rope to be a very important piece of equipment. Yet, it’s not just a simple piece of equipment. There are many nuances which impact its purpose and use. Sharon Jantzen expounds on the results of a readership survey on lead ropes.

Fun and Function of the Horse Halter


Let’s take a look at the many horse halter options to see which one will suit your needs best. Brie at Riding Warehouse helps us get to know the various kinds of halters. Horse halters can be both fun and functional. Sharon Jantzen provides details on the fun and function of horse halters.

Automatic Hay Feeder Saves You Time and Takes Away Worry | SLO Horse News

Automatic Hay Feeder Saves You Time and Takes Away Worry


What if you could set up a system where your horses are fed automatically? Just think of the time and worry you would save. Horse owners who keep their horses at home can relate to the need for feeding horses on a reliable schedule. Many riders compete or go on extended trail ride excursions where horses need to be fed early. EEZKEEPER Automatic Hay Feeders is the solution for you. Sharon Jantzen provides the details of an automatic hay feeding system.