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Fun and Function of the Horse Halter


Let’s take a look at the many horse halter options to see which one will suit your needs best. Brie at Riding Warehouse helps us get to know the various kinds of halters. Horse halters can be both fun and functional. Sharon Jantzen provides details on the fun and function of horse halters.

Is Your Tack Ride-Worthy? Here’s a Checklist


Everything had been planned, the time had been set aside, we each had a suitable horse/pony to ride, and we were looking forward to a fun, shared experience. As we planned the day a question ran across my mind, “Is the tack ride-worthy?” I checked the girth I thought we’d use with our saddle for the trail ride; it was missing a buckle! Sharon Jantzen gives us a checklist for making sure our tack is ride-worthy.

Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark | SLO Horse News

Night Lights: Horsing Around in the Dark


The darkness doesn’t have to steal your horsey-time, and it doesn’t even have to put a serious damper on your workout or training routines. Get yourself some portable light sources and some great reflective gear, and make the Fall and Winter season your best yet!