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Tack up Consignment Makes Selling Used Tack Easy


Anyone with used tack can put it up for sale. However, the difference Brie makes is in the details. She describes her value here: “Tack Up Consignment aims to provide a service by doing all of the leg work for the consignor and posting it on multiple platforms. I ensure that the products are imaged well, descriptions are thorough, measurements are accurate and recorded, and I communicate with potential buyers quickly. Sharon Jantzen gets the scoop on how selling used tack can be easy.

Is Buying Tack Online Just Fine or Quite Terrifying?


Many experienced equestrians know exactly what they are looking for and find shopping online for horse equipment just fine. However, there are a few things to consider regarding safeguarding your information and testing the validity of the business before clicking the purchase button. On the other hand, sometimes you need to walk into a tack shop to get personal service. Sharon Jantzen helps make tack shopping online and in a store easier.

Lefty’s Stable: One-Click Price Comparisons on Equestrian Apparel | SLO Horse News

Lefty’s Stable: One-Click Price Comparisons on Equestrian Apparel


Take a look at the offerings of an item of equestrian apparel you will see in one-click the price comparisons. This saves you hours of time hunting online for the best price. Look at the price differences. In some cases, you could be saving in the neighborhood of $100! Sharon Jantzen shares this new way of shopping for equestrian apparel with us.

Human and Horse Survival Plan for a Power Shutoff | SLOHorse News

Human and Horse Survival Plan for a Power Shutoff


In the event of a Public Safety Power Shutoff an entire community and neighboring communities will be impacted. Grocery stores will be closed. Gas stations will be closed. ATM machines will not work. Water supply and sewage treatment will be affected. Electric gates, refrigerators and other electric appliances will not work. Plan for these events not only affecting your community but neighboring ones as well. Do you have a human and horse survival plan for a power shutoff?