Our purpose is to inform and inspire all who enjoy horses up-close-and-personal or from afar. We desire to connect with the SLO horse community from all areas of interest, to rally behind community equestrian causes and introduce people to the wonder and beauty of San Luis Obispo County, California. SLO Horse News contains all original content. We are story generators.


  • We value the contributions people make to better the lives of others. We are here to benefit the San Luis Obispo Community.
  • We value the beauty, magnificence and vulnerability of the horse no matter what the breed or discipline or activity the horse is involved in.
  • We value the diversity, beauty and accessibility of the San Luis Obispo County trails. We will support the need for open space and the responsible preservation of the environment.
  • We value truth, inclusiveness and authenticity. Our stories will stand on these pillars of information.
  • We value the contributions horses make to better the lives of others. We will support activities where horses are used as a vehicle of healing, trust and strength for people from all walks of life.


There are still stories to tell and that is why Sharon of Hoof Prints Publications purchased SLO Horse News publication and relaunched the site in May 2015. Sharon is continuing the vision Jake of Wander West cast when he revamped the site in February 2014. SLO Horse News was created in 2009 by the Lavrouhin family.

Here’s a note from the Lavrouhin family for our 1st Relaunch Anniversary May 1, 2016, “Hi Sharon and all. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for keeping slohorsenews alive and well. I know it’s a lot of work and you, and Jake before you, have done a beautiful job. Thank you for creating the informative and classy, yet simple new website that is now being shared far and wide for its great content. Congratulations! And thank you again from Tina Lavrouhin and my girls Samantha Huston and Genevieve Odell.


We love San Luis Obispo County, its people, horses, places and happenings. We are here to benefit the local community. Therefore:

  • All Writers will have a vested interest in SLO as residents or doing business or participating in equestrian activities that take place in SLO county.
  • All Advertisers contribute to the local economy though selling their products in SLO county and/or employing residents in their businesses.


Our website, slohorsenews.net, is the main source for stories and happenings in SLO County, but you can join in on other herd news and conversations through Facebook and Twitter and now Pinterest. We are social animals…err…people, so let’s stay in touch!