Happenings – Clinics

Local clinics for all equestrians.

Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson Clinic in Tandem


Mark Rashid and Jim Masterson are joining forces for a clinic: Considering the Horse: Mind and Body. These two horsemen have many things in common. Together, the most significant thing they can accomplish is getting the most out of what any horse can offer by staying below the brace response of the horse. Sharon Jantzen provides details of this unique clinic.

Sam VanFleet

Groundwork Sets The Stage for Communication from the Horse’s Back


Groundwork is not just for young horses, it’s a foundation that builds every time we groom, tack-up and lead our horses. We can always go back to groundwork to set the horse up for a successful next step in the training. Want to learn more about working your horse at liberty and teaching it tricks? Sharon Jantzen brings you info on a Liberty and Tricks groundwork clinic at Sweetbeau Horses.

Lessons Learned at a Bridleless Riding and Mounted Archery Clinic


Throughout the clinic days this thread of bigger lessons was weaving itself through the participants, binding us together and turning us into a brand-new band of horse archers. The camaraderie experience builds on these bigger lessons. Sharon Jantzen shares lessons learned at a Bridleless Riding and Mounted Archery Clinic which is coming again to the Central Coast.