Happenings – Clinics

Local clinics for all equestrians.

Learn to Give Your Horse Greater Comfort


Horses shy away from pain. Sometimes traditional means of pain relief are not effective. What if you could learn to move the horse’s body away from pain toward a more comfortable position, such that the body is able to understand its pattern or condition and self-correction can occur? Learn the techniques of Equine Positional Release at an upcoming clinic.

Try Mounted Archery: Give it a Shot


The Intro to Mounted Archery Clinic starts Saturday April 23 at 9:00 in the morning beginning with ground archery.  Heather will introduce range safety, bows used in mounted archery, nocking (putting the arrow on the string) methods, draw techniques, and unique principles for archery from horseback.  When the clinic is resumed from the lunch break the horses will be brought in to begin the systematic desensitization process preparing them for mounted archery. Sunday April 24 provides more ground shooting and mounted experience. Anyone on any horse can try Mounted Archery!