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Toolbox for Building Confidence on Horseback | SLO Horse News

Toolbox of Ideas for Building Confidence on Horseback

I watched as she galloped my horse back down the hill, with no sign of fear. This got me thinking, why couldn’t I handle this spooky horse with the level of confidence that she had? Am I a bad rider? After all my years of riding, am I just not that good? Chanel Jensen explores ways of building confidence on horseback.

How to Expertly Care For, Clean and Condition Your Tack

“It’s all about the comfort of the horse and the safety of the rider,” expressed Brad as he describes the why behind every-use tack cleaning. Water and salt dry out leather. “Horse sweat is the worst thing to leave on leather. It just sucks the life out of the leather!” Local leather expert and saddle repair guy, Brad Ilonummi, talks with Sharon Jantzen about expertly caring for and cleaning tack.