Three Books Expand Your Equestrian Experience

Expand your equestrian experience; read a book! Reading takes you away to new experiences, places and events. You can learn a lot from other people and their life adventures. Author Christy Wood has three equestrian books that will expand your equestrian experience.

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Expand your Equestrian Experience read: Hoofprints Across Time

Imagine getting your horse ready and then riding 100 miles of an historical 1300-mile ride, every year. Starting from the beginning of the trail and completing 100 miles in the first year, then returning to the previous ending location year-after-year to finally complete the entire ride in a 13-year cycle. Author Christy Wood has done this. The trail is the Chief Joseph trail ride organized by the Appaloosa Horse Club.

Chief Joseph and the “Trail to Freedom”

The Chief Joseph trail ride retraces the 1877 “Trail to Freedom” Chief Joseph and his Wallowa Band of Nez Perce Indians rode over the Rocky Mountains while attempting to evade the US Calvary. The trail begins in Oregon and makes it way through Idaho, Wyoming then Montana to the point where Chief Joseph finally surrendered just south of the Canadian border. Only registered Appaloosa horses ride this rugged, real trail ride.

The Nez Perce Indians pioneered the development of the Appaloosa breed. The Appaloosa is the first registered breed in the US beginning in 1938. Blood tests established the first registered horses. Today, the Appaloosa breed is considered a blood breed first and a color breed second.

Three Books to Expand Your Equestrian Experience  | SLO Horse News
Chief on a recent trip to Los Osos

Expand your equestrian experience through reading Hoofprints Across Time. Christy has completed all 1300 miles and just recently completed the 5th year in her second rotation. “I wrote about the memories of the ride and the history I’ve gleaned from the landowners and the people on the ride,” explains Christy regarding her book, Hoofprints Across Time. “I love the Native Americans and what Chief Joseph did to develop the Appaloosa breed. Even though I may be blond, my heart is red!”

Get Inspired to Experience the Trail to Freedom Yourself

Not only is Christy an experienced horse rider, she is also a big fan of the Appaloosa breed. She expertly weaves together the history of the Appaloosa breed along with the history of these brave Indians and this significant trail in the book, Hoofprints Across Time.

Perhaps you will be inspired to experience the ride Chief Joseph yourself. Christy provides the tips to make this happen, from preparing your own Appaloosa, or leasing an Appaloosa, how the camping works, to providing contacts for securing a driver and more.

Expand your Equestrian Experience read: Ranger

We’ve probably all had that special “heart” horse. Ranger was that for Christy who tells the story from Ranger’s viewpoint. She shows how he desired to love and serve his person. Christy tells of the many adventures she and Ranger shared. They went riding in the surf, on numerous trail rides and hunting trips, they worked together in cow penning contests while creating a special bond between them.

Ranger’s calm and steady personality made him an invaluable addition to the training stable. His his adaptability to new or different environments and experiences, made Ranger the “go-to” horse. Under Christy’s love, guidance, and training, Ranger – who nearly didn’t survive his first few days – went on to live a long full life blessing many people, including the disabled. Ranger is truly a heart horse anyone can appreciate. Relive his story through his book, Ranger.

Expand your Equestrian Experience, read: Your Best Horse Show

“This book was born out of experiencing the Horse Show from h*ll!” relates Chrisy. As a horse show judge and exhibitor, Christy has experienced the good, and the bad of horse shows. Yet, she knows there is a better way to manage a horse show to benefit the exhibitors, judges and spectators.

Your Best Horse Show provides useful tips and vital information for managing a horse show, it also helps you be a better exhibitor. This book is truly for horse show managers, secretaries, announcers, judges, ring stewards and gate keepers who will all learn something to help them do their job a little to a lot better.

Christy takes her 35 years of horse judging experience, along with her exhibitor experience and wraps it all up for anyone interested in a solid understanding of how to run a better horse show or event.

Who is Christy Wood?

Three Books to Expand Your Equestrian Experience  | SLO Horse News
Christy and her Appaloosa Nugget

Hailing from Three Rivers, CA Christy has been a part of the horse world since her brother gave her a model horse when she was two years old. Her primary breed of choice is the Appaloosa. Her horses are fine representations of the best the breed. Christy’s horseback riding experience takes place in both a western saddle, and an english saddle.

Since she is in such close proximity to Sequoia National Park, many trail rides, horseback hunting trips and long excursions are all in her horse experience bag.

Christy has been operating Wood ‘N’ Horse training stables for 35 years introducing many to the joys of horseback riding. She and her husband, Steve, enjoy coming to the Central Coast. They are often traveling with their horses, Nugget and Buckley, both registered Appaloosas. Their favorite place to stay is Sea Pines Golf Resort in Los Osos. Climbing the mountains and playing in the surf at Montana de Oro is a vital part of conditioning the horses in preparation for the Chief Joseph ride.

Pick up any of Christy’s books on the Wood N Horse website or step into Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay.

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