Sarah Williams

I have been an equestrian most of my life, having gotten my first pony at the age of 5, and 30 years later, I competitively exhibit my Half Arabian Reining horse on both the Arabian and NRHA circuits. There are three passions in my life, riding, photography and writing. Being able to combine all three of these things is a dream come true.

Keep Your Cool – Beat the Heat in the Saddle this Summer | SLO Horse News

Keep Your Cool – Beat the Heat in the Saddle This Summer

While there’s no better way to enjoy a summer than in the saddle, it can sometimes get a little uncomfortable (and possibly unsafe) on those warmer than average days. Don’t fret, though, there are two important ways that you can combat the effects of the sun and beat the heat in the saddle this summer. Sarah Williams shares her cool ideas to beat the heat in the saddle.

Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers | SLO Horse News

Summer Reading List for Horse Lovers

Whether you’re looking for a good read to pass the time while lounging by the pool or on a beach towel in the sand, or a great story to curl up with in the evening before bed, this list of both classic and new equine related books is sure to delight horse lovers of all ages. Sarah Williams gives us her picks for great summer reads.

The Inventive Equine – Five Ways They Thwart Us | SLO Horse News

The Inventive Equine – Five Ways They Thwart Us

“My horse understands me better than any human being ever will,” a good friend of mine said triumphantly the other day while out at the barn. Five minutes later, she was cursing that intuitive equine under her breath as she chased him through a maze of stalls. He had become the inventive equine. Sarah Williams gives us a few laughs as we recognize the ways our horses thwart us.

‘Tis the Season…For Mares | SLO Horse News

‘Tis the Season…For Managing Mares

For those of us who have mares as our equine partners, we realize that managing a mare requires a different protocol than does managing a gelding or a stallion. When our mares are “in season”, we may notice symptoms ranging from lack of concentration all the way to severe physical discomfort. Sarah Williams provides insight and tips on managing our mare’s seasons.

Five Tips to Becoming a Better Barn Mate | SLO Horse News

Five Tips to Becoming a Better Barn Mate

In the end, being a better barn mate or horse friend is a lot like being a good human being in general. It’s about being honest, caring, compassionate, accepting, respectful and also looking out for your own interests. Sarah Williams shares her list of the top 5 tips to being a better barn mate.