Places – The Equine and the Vine – Wineries for Horse Enthusiasts

Keeping the Western Lifestyle Alive: Vintage Cowboy Winery


“We love our label because it tells people what we do and who we are. The western lifestyle is appealing to people; even city people have embraced it. Our name allows us to focus on a niche market that embraces the western lifestyle. The wine connects our lifestyle to our customers,” Michelle explains the story behind the label to Sharon Jantzen who spent a morning enjoying Vintage Cowboy Winery.

Magnificence in Life Captured in the Art of Equine Photography


Equine magnificence is captured in the Art of Equine Photography as it focuses on artistically rendering the spirit of the horse, producing something more like a painting than a photograph.

Catch this beautiful art at Castoro Cellars Winery​ in Templeton through the month of July 2016. Sharon Jantzen met up with the two San Luis Obispo County photographers who are showcasing their work here during the recent Artists’ Reception.