Hoof Building Clinic with David Landreville : Taking the Mystery out of Trimming

For David Landreville it’s more than trimming, it’s hoof building. He teaches as he works and demonstrates a method of shaping the hoof so it aligns as closely as possible with the internal structures. He’s coming to the central coast and you can get hands-on experience while your horse enjoys a comfortable trim. Sharon Jantzen provides the Hoof Building clinic details.

Volunteers are the Heart of Redwings Horse Sanctuary

There are many ways volunteers can serve at Redwings Horse Sanctuary. Extra horse grooming care and interaction keeps the horses stimulated and healthy. However, there are a variety of other jobs a volunteer can perform. Sharon Jantzen gets the scoop from Melissa Clay, a Redwings Horse Trainer.

Join the Fun of a Memorial Trail Trial Honoring Fallen Heroes and Horses

The Western States Mounted Officers Association Trail Trials honors fallen mounted personnel and mounts. For more than two decades the Trail Trials have honored the dedicated Mounted Police heroes and horses by remembering them while riding and competing while building camaraderie have fun and win prizes. Sharon Jantzen provides the details for this fun Trail Trial event you can be a part of.

Tack up Consignment Makes Selling Used Tack Easy

Anyone with used tack can put it up for sale. However, the difference Brie makes is in the details. She describes her value here: “Tack Up Consignment aims to provide a service by doing all of the leg work for the consignor and posting it on multiple platforms. I ensure that the products are imaged well, descriptions are thorough, measurements are accurate and recorded, and I communicate with potential buyers quickly. Sharon Jantzen gets the scoop on how selling used tack can be easy.

Memories of Purchasing My First Saddle

The trip to the tack store to purchase my first saddle is etched in my mind as a first step to responsibility as a horse-crazed 16-year-old. I was purchasing my first saddle, well . . . contributing to it at least, while successfully navigating the LA freeways. Sharon Jantzen travels down memory lane and takes us back to purchasing her first saddle. She also shares herd member stories about their first saddle purchases. Tips for buying and fitting a saddle are also included. So put your foot in the stirrup and let’s go.