Riding Helmets are Seriously Cool These Days

Riding helmets are more commonly worn by people across equestrian disciplines and even in the trail riding and pleasure community. Helmets are seriously cool these days! Come take a look at what helmets of today offer in the coolness factor – and cool is not just with colors. Sharon Jantzen talks about how helmet design has changed over the years.

Is Your Tack Ride-Worthy? Here’s a Checklist

Everything had been planned, the time had been set aside, we each had a suitable horse/pony to ride, and we were looking forward to a fun, shared experience. As we planned the day a question ran across my mind, “Is the tack ride-worthy?” I checked the girth I thought we’d use with our saddle for the trail ride; it was missing a buckle! Sharon Jantzen gives us a checklist for making sure our tack is ride-worthy.

Sweetbeau Horses

Saving Wild Mustangs: The Story of Sweetbeau Horses

Ensuring a home for the 25 Mustangs now in their charge, began with the Soffels setting up a non-profit 501C3 and a ranch in Creston, CA. The couple called their new endeavor, Sweetbeau Horses in remembrance of their once-in-a-lifetime sweet Golden Retriever dog, Beaudacious.  In 2017 the Sweetbeau Horses ranch and non-profit became the home for the 25 stallions, now gelded, and their new life from rescue to adoption began. Sharon Jantzen meets up with Patricia Soffel of Sweetbeau Horses in Creston to get their story.