Three Books Expand Your Equestrian Experience

Imagine getting your horse ready and then riding 100 miles of an historical 1300-mile ride, every year. Starting from the beginning of the trail and completing 100 miles in the first year, then returning to the previous ending location year-after-year to finally complete the entire ride in a 13-year cycle. Author Christy Wood has done this special ride. and more! Her experiences are captured in three of her books.

Horses Transform Veterans’ Lives and Career Paths | SLO Horse News

Horses Transform Veterans’ Lives and Career Paths

The turn-of-the-century home and yard was the perfect place to acknowledge the accomplishments not only of the veterans but of the inaugural class of Elite Vocations’ students. As the intent of the program set out to do these graduates testify that horses transform veterans’ lives. Sharon Jantzen shares the stories of how horses transformed these veterans’ lives.

Fun and Function of the Horse Halter

Let’s take a look at the many horse halter options to see which one will suit your needs best. Brie at Riding Warehouse helps us get to know the various kinds of halters. Horse halters can be both fun and functional. Sharon Jantzen provides details on the fun and function of horse halters.