Step-by-Step Horse Manure Composting Guide

Looking to turn a manure mountain into a mulch mound in your backyard? 

Horse manure makes the best compost. Get the full details on a 3-Bin composting system utilizing composting, curing and customer bins. Horse Manure compost has • No flies • No weed seeds • No parasites • No pathogens. Get the info you need to make a composting plan in this 16 page Step-by-Step Horse Manure Composting Guide PDF download e-book plus a budget worksheet and tips sheet.

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Your Step-by-Step Horse Manure Composting Guide e-book contains:

Instructions, tips and tools to be sure composting is made easy with the Horse Manure Composting Guide e-book.
It’s a 16 page PDF download e-book chockful of implementable steps to composting horse manure in your backyard.
  • Why Compost?
  • 4 Steps to Easy Horse Manure Composting
  • Appendix with Resources and Ideas
  • Compost to Customer Marketing Outline

Get a handle on the manure production in your backyard by setting up a manure composting system to turn horse manure into compost that gardeners gleefully grab.


1. The Turning Horse Manure into Gold Budgeting Worksheet – Use this worksheet to plan your horse manure composting system. Then use this tool to determine the possibility of putting some of those $$ back in your pocket.



2. The Horse Manure Composting Tips Sheet – Get tips for each stage of composting using a 3-bin system [composting • curing • customer}.


You get the Step-by-Step Horse Manure Composting Guide e-book plus the budget worksheet and the tips sheet for one price of $15.00.

These are all electronic products. The Horse Manure Composting Guide, budget worksheet and tips sheet are pdf downloads. You will store the guide, worksheet and tips sheet on your computer, tablet or phone. All documents can be printed off your home printer or at a print shop.

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