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Bowie, Md., – Aug 29, 2011 –  American Horse Publications (AHP) member Valerie Ormond will be a sponsor and a judge for Voice For The Horse’s first children’s writing competition this fall.  Ormond, author of Believing In Horses, invites AHP members who may have an interest in sharing the news of the competition with young writers, or who want to learn more about the project to visit  1st Annual Voice For The Horse Children’s Writing Competition ~ Subject Wild Horses.
The competition officially begins Oct 1, 2011, and runs through Dec 31, 2011, but the organization began pre-launch activity early to provide people time for thinking and research and to provide information to potential additional sponsors for this first-time competition.

This writing competition was inspired by Atticus, the Wild Stallion of Deadman Valley, British Columbia (B.C.), Canada who was captured in the winter of 2011 and rescued by CritterAid / Project Equus in the Interior of B.C.  To create awareness for the wild horse populations of the United States and the preservation of them, Voice For The Horse contacted Saving America’s Mustangs, and founder Madeleine Pickens responded with great enthusiasm for the project.  Theresa Nolet,CritterAid / Project Equus, also embraced the program and its effort to bring equine awareness to communities across the continent, to those both in and outside of the horse industry.

The competition provides unique, free, learning opportunities and the hope is that children will have the ability to share their love for horses across North America through their writing.

For more information, please visit

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