Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse

“We provide custom-care for the horses boarded here,” remarks Sarah Judson owner/operator of Sage and Spur Ranch in San Luis Obispo. This custom-care allows horses to find solace in their home environment and owners can relax knowing their horse is in caring and experienced hands.

Peaceful, Quiet Environment Enhances Horses’ Well Being at Sage and Spur Ranch

Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse | SLO Horse News
Majestic Oak Tree canopy provides shade throughout Sage and Spur Ranch

Shade canopies from majestic mature oak trees spread throughout the facility. The canopy provides protection and solace and while creating a feeling of peace for both horses and owners.

Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse | SLO Horse News
The one-of-a-kind Sage and Spur Main Barn

The main 12 stall barn is protected and shaded by two marvelous oak trees. The 12 private outside paddocks all have shade covering from the oak tree canopy overhead. The turnout pens and round pen are also flanked by beautiful trees while the open riding arena is partially surrounded by spectating trees.

Custom-Built Main Barn Provides a Comfortable Home for Horses

Sarah and her husband thought about all the features they wanted for their new barn. After years of managing and owning barns in Oregon they knew what worked and what didn’t. Sarah, a graduate of SLO High School, has implemented her lessons learned and takes advantage of the natural surrounding in her beautiful new one-of-a-kind barn, now that she is back home to stay.

All-steel open frame with 5 feet high visiting sides and 7 feet high sides between the stalls.

First of all, one notices the design features. The all-steel open frame blends well into its natural setting. However, the design provides utility unmatched elsewhere. The fire-resistant steel main barn frame boasts 12 large 12×16 feet stalls providing room and comfort for the horse.

No-climb steel fencing set at five feet high for the overlook, or visiting, sides and seven feet high between the horses enables horses to be with their stable buddies without getting into a ruckus between the walls. Manes can’t be rubbed out and horses can’t get stuck under the fence. Stall mats keep feed off the ground and provide a constant cushion for the horses’ legs and feet.

Offset steel roof panels let heat out and create air flow

The tall steel roof, with off-set panels allows heat to escape with plenty of air flow. This combined with the open sides provides a refreshing atmosphere for all the horse residents. No boxed-in feeling or musty conditions with this unique main barn.

Custom-Care Feeding

Sarah is very aware that not all horses thrive on the same hay or supplement. So, she allows each owner to custom-design the diet that works best for their horse. She can also help owners create the best diet for their horse(s). To accomplish this Sarah has a great working relationship with Premier Ag in Paso Robles. They will deliver any quantity of hay and will search for the best match for the needs. “Premier Ag provides the most consistent quality of hay,” Sarah noted appreciatingly.

Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse | SLO Horse News
Custom feeding three times a day.

Feeding the horses three times a day enables the most productive digestion. Big feeding tubs, with mats underneath, keep the hay off the ground. Automatic water buckets provide water round-the-clock.

Custom-Care Doesn’t Stop at Feed

Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse | SLO Horse News
Sarah provides a myriad of extra services.

Horses have varied needs when it comes to vet care, shoeing, grooming and extra care for injuries or metabolic issues. Sarah gladly handles all of this for horses needing a high level of specific care. Holding the horse for the farrier, or assisting the veterinarian with treatments are all part of her exceptional services.

Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse | SLO Horse News
Fly management with masks and spray are one of the special services.

The extra care extends to blanketing and unblanketing, along with fly spray and fly mask management are all services Sarah provides. In addition, horses housed in the main barn all get half a day of turnout so they can frolic and roll in the dirt.

Quiet, Natural Environment Encourages Relaxation in Horses and Humans

“Horses come here and become mellow!” expresses Sarah. Her own show horse often maintains a rigorous training and show schedule. “He comes here and relaxes.”

This calming atmosphere is also key to developing camaraderie among the boarders. Sarah fosters cooperation and support among the human “occupants” of Sage and Spur Ranch.

Large Arena for Working Your Horse, a Round Pen and Trail Access

No matter the discipline, all styles of riding are welcome at Sage and Spur Ranch. “I think we have one of every discipline here!” exclaims Sarah. There is no resident trainer at the ranch. Riders work at their disciplines on their own time schedule.

Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse | SLO Horse News
The arena with spectating trees.

The 200-by-85-foot arena has a sand base with DG on top. “Fiber is coming!” says Sarah as she anticipates a new top-layer of fiber for the arena. A full course of jumps provides many options for training especially for Hunter/Jumpers and Eventers alike.

A round pen provides a safe, controlled place for doing ground work or other training work. Residents enjoy relaxing rides on the Sage and Spur Ranch trail encircling the property or by taking advantage of trail access off the property.

Come to Sage and Spur Ranch to Relax

Sage and Spur Ranch Provides Custom Care for Your Horse | SLO Horse News

Horses come to Sage and Spur Ranch located at the south end of San Luis Obispo, to relax. Owners relax knowing that their horses are in Sarah’s trusted and experienced care.

Photo credit: Sharon Jantzen Photos

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