Monthly Trail Challenge Builds Confidence in Horse and Rider

Looking to improve your riding skills and relationship with your horse while navigating challenging obstacles together? You can! The Lucky 7 Ranch, located in South San Luis Obispo, monthly Trail Challenge is your answer. Taryn Mohler, Trail Challenge Organizer, asked the local horse community what was lacking and kept getting the same response: An obstacle course.

A Trail Challenge, Not Just an Obstacle Course

Monthly Trail ChallengeBuild Confidence in Horse and Rider  | SLO Horse News
Beautiful foliage tunnel creates even more dapples.

In response to requests for an obstacle course, Taryn created not just an obstacle course, but a Trail Challenge experience of fun for both horse and rider. “I love seeing all different styles of riding and ages of riders come together and support each other through all the fun and challenging obstacles,” remarks Taryn after the first two Trail Challenge events were a resounding success.

The course is guaranteed to host a minimum of 12 obstacles and a long creek crossing.  Some examples are: bridges, an up-bank, carrying a flag, walking through an alley with various things attached (tarp, balloons, etc.), walking over water bottles, carrying cans.  There are a lot more challenges and obstacles change from month-to-month.

Each horse and rider pair are allowed two hours on the course. The obstacles are numbered and each participant is provided a course map. Taryn says, “People tend to go where they feel their horse needs the most work.”

Anyone and Any Type of Horse is Welcome to Ride the Trail Challenge

Monthly Trail Challenges Build Confidence in Horse and Rider  | SLO Horse News
Kids and adults, ponies and horses, western or english . . . all are welcome.

The Trail Challenge is open to anyone wanting to bring their horse and ride the course. Two groups of riders go out at different times of the day. The first group rides from 9-11 am and second 1-3 pm The cost is $50 per horse. Riders can go out with a group or individually.

Each rider can bring one spectator. This person could be a trainer or coach who could help the rider through the obstacles if needed.

Schedule, Signing Up and More

Monthly Trail Challenges Build Confidence in Horse and Rider  | SLO Horse News
Tristen Hooks (L) and Taryn Mohler (R) organize the trail challenges

Taryn and Scott Mohler and Tristen Hooks organize the monthly Lucky 7 Ranch Trail Challenge. The plan is for one Trail Challenge a month usually on the first or second weekend of the month. The October challenge included costumes! Upcoming dates for 2021 are November 6 and December 18. Wet weather may cancel a scheduled event. To get on the e-mail mailing list, e-mail Taryn at Securing entries happens on a first-come-first-served basis. A $25 deposit holds the spot with $25 due at the event.

Monthly Trail Challenges Build Confidence in Horse and Rider  | SLO Horse News
A ride through the stream is enjoyed by horse and rider.

A very special bonus is Chuck and Vikki Houck photographers are at the event to take photos. You can find photos of the events on their Facebook Page.

Monthly Trail Challenges Build Confidence in Horse and Rider  | SLO Horse News
Which way up the bank?

Photos Credit: Chuck and Vikki Houck

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