Zephyr’s Garden Aids Over 40 Equine & Canine Groups in 2012

Strong sales equate to generous philanthropy for the little company with the big heart.

Zephyr’s Garden

SANTA BARBARA, CA – February, 2013 – For Zephyr’s Garden, sales and giving have always gone hand-in-hand.  The company, founded in 2008, has enjoyed increased sales on a yearly basis and their donations have kept pace.  Last year over forty different organizations were the recipient of either a cash or product donation.  From equine rescues, to therapy groups, 4H Clubs, amateur polo teams, home town horse shows, canine rescues and breed clubs, and a dog shelter severely impacted by Hurricane Sandy – Zephyr’s Garden casted a wide net for contributions in 2012.

“We tailor our charitable contributions to our customers’ requests and where we think Zephyr’s Garden can make a difference,” states owner Georgette Topakas.  “Giving back to the animal community has been a top priority for us since we first opened and if sales are brisk, so is our giving.  This company is all about helping animals, and sharing our profits is a natural extension of our mission.”

About Zephyr’s Garden

Zephyr’s Garden, LLC, launched five years ago with the goal of providing effective, herbal-based all natural products for horses and dogs. The company’s customer base has grown steadily and their product line has expanded to meet the needs of horse and dog owners that are saying “No!” to chemical laden treatments.  Their products cover most topical issues such as skin fungus, scratches, sweet itch, rain rot, seasonal itches, wounds, hot spots, and thrush.  Zephyr’s Garden products are all 100% Made In The USA and the company is located in Santa Barbara, CA.  In addition to their informative website, they maintain a very popular Facebook page that has become a gathering place for over 6,900 like-minded animal owners.

For more information on Zephyr’s Garden visit www.ZephyrsGarden.com, email Georgette Topakas at gtopakas@zephyrsgarden.com, or call us at 805-969-7059.  Please contact Georgette for high resolution photograph requests.  We also can be viewed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/zephyrsgarden.


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