Trading the Therapy Couch for a Saddle

Equine facilitated therapy is like holding a mirror up and asking, “What do you see?” Through the thoughts and feelings reflected from their experiences with the horses, Gina Sears, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, gets her clients to focus in the moment and build those reflected experiences into a life strategy. Jackie Iddings introduces us to Equine Assisted Psychotherapy.

What the H!! Is a Fascia | SLO Horse News

What The H!!! Is A Fascia?

Picture this: every fiber of muscle is coated with fascia. For the muscle to work properly the fascial planes need to be able to slide over one another. A ‘restriction’ causes the fascia to lose its ability to glide and it sticks, preventing the muscle from working properly. Jackie Iddings helps us understand facia’s role in the anxious horse.