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Capturing Joy and the Pioneer Spirit : Creston Rodeo Impressions

“The Creston Rodeo really brings the community together,” expressed Elisabeth Haug, a local horse-action photographer and author, Creston Rodeo Impressions. “Friends and family come together sporting the pioneer spirit that built our county.”

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Team Roping

Elisabeth has put together a photo book, Creston Rodeo Impressions. It’s a treasure-trove of photos depicting the camaraderie and pioneer spirit which draws foundational families and friends back together to the Creston Classic Rodeo each year.

Creston Classic Rodeo Beginnings

Creston Classic Rodeo Community

A need always births and idea. The townspeople of Creston were in need of a Community Center but lacked the funds. So the idea of putting on the Creston Classic Rodeo with proceeds earmarked for the Creston Community Center was born in 1996. The old Fire House was the chosen location and renovation plans became a reality. Now more than two decades later the annual fundraiser along with individual contributions and have literally built the Creston Community Center.

The Creston Classic Rodeo Takes on Life of Its Own

Just Waiting Their Turn

Through the years, foundation families steeped in the Central Coast agricultural community found a place to play and compete and give together at the Creston Classic Rodeo. So the tradition continues, drawing the ranching community together every year, celebrating the pioneer spirit which built this beautiful community.

Capturing Joy and the Pioneer Spirit : Creston Rodeo Impressions

Now the very essence of the Pioneer Spirit displayed so spectacularly at the Creston Classic Rodeo can be enjoyed by all through the photo book, Creston Rodeo Impressions, by Elisabeth Haug. “I love action of any kind,” says Elisabeth, “I love the feel of this rodeo. The energy of the moment translates into magic moment photographs.”

Ride ’em Cowboy

Elisabeth has been attending the Creston Classic Rodeo for four years straight which has provided her with many opportunities to capture magic moments. “It’s a competitive event, but above that, the people simply enjoy each other,” expressed Elisabeth regarding the feeling of the event. “It’s very colorful and fun and a great place to see local horsemanship on display. The level of ability has improved year-by-year in every division. There’s something for every person in the family,” Elisabeth added.

Creston Rodeo Impressions Photobook

Full Speed Ahead

“This photo book is all about emotion,” describes Elisabeth regarding her photo book, Creston Rodeo Impressions. “Every picture is my favorite. What I look for is fun – where joy and happiness are being exhibited.”

Barrel of Excitement

So come take a look, relive the moments of joy and happiness captured in the book, Creston Rodeo Impressions. Anyone connected to the Creston Classic Rodeo will appreciate the moments, but others who simply appreciate the cowboy lifestyle and the pioneer spirit will enjoy the book too.

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