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Ride and Camp at Work Ranch for a Television Show


This is your chance to ride on the Work Ranch private family ranch while being filmed for a national television show. Anyone who enjoys camping with their horse and exploring new trails is welcome to come along. Sharon Jantzen connects with Kelly Work to bring you the details of this unique horse camping experience.

What You Need to Know About the Pismo Preserve Horse Trailer Parking | SLO Horse News

What You Need to Know About the Pismo Preserve Horse Trailer Parking


Equestrian parking at the Pismo Preserve is different from any other location. The good news is there is a designated horse trailer parking area in the Pismo Preserve parking lot located at the south end of Mattie Road in Shell Beach. You will need to secure a reservation before you head out on horseback. Sharon Jantzen provides the details on the particulars of the Pismo Preserve equestrian parking.

Pulling Together: Horses, Mules and People Put Up Picnic Tables


New picnic benches were built on the new Canyon View trail at Montana de Oro. Skilled human labor would be on hand to build the picnic benches, but just how would the materials get to the overlook spot specifically picked out for the picnic benches to sit? It took a coordinated effort of several trail user groups to pull together. Sharon Jantzen gathers the story from several participants in this collaborated effort.