Competitive Therapeutic Carriage Driving Event Supports Team USA


Competitive Therapeutic Carriage Driving Event

The Brass Oak Driving Club, a county wide organization will sponsor the Competitive Therapeutic Carriage Driving event May 26th starting at 9 am until 3 pm.  The public is encouraged to stop by anytime and observe this amazing fast growing equestrian sport, featuring a Combined Carriage Driving Test. The event supports Team USA.

World class drivers including a disabled carriage driver will demonstrate this extraordinary sport. The United States Driving for the Disabled is the national nonprofit organization which fosters opportunities for competitors to compete nationally and internationally by offering training and financial support.

Diane Kastama, a resident of Arroyo Grande, hopes to represent the USA in August and is currently pre-qualified for the next World Competition coming this summer in the Netherlands.

Kastama’s exceptional competitive driving skills have won her international acclaim plus bronze, gold and silver medals. Equestrian extraordinaire, Kastama, is a strong contender for the 2012 World Competition. “She has a very strong chance of winning,” said Linda Fairbanks past President of Gold Coast Driving for the Disabled.

Donations to Team USA will assist the team in their travel and are tax deductible.

This event will be in Arroyo Grande. Contact Diane for more information (805)343-6026 or

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