Free Teleseminar Wed May 23rd 5pm PDT

Keeping Your Horse Hydrated and Healthy in the Heat

ummit Equine Nutrition

On Wednesday May 23rd starting at 5pm PDT Dr. Clair Thunes PhD independent equine nutritionist and owner of Summit Equine Nutrition LLC will host a teleseminar focusing on how owners can keep their horses hydrated and healthy during the summer heat.  To register visit  fill in the form at the bottom of the page and then wait to confirm registration.

“Hydration is such an important and sometimes overlooked component of health and performance” says Thunes, “every year I have at least one owner who comes to me because their horse has tied up as a result of electrolyte issues that could have been avoided had there been a better understanding of the horse’s needs”.   The issue is not always as serious as tying-up, “I see horses whose owners report poor performance, fatigue etc that when we closely evaluate the horse’s diet we identify as being electrolyte related. I suspect there are a lot of horses out there performing below their peak as a result of poor hydration”.  Thunes will explain to listeners why horses sweat, how much they sweat, how dehydration effects performance, the electrolyte composition of sweat, how to choose a good electrolyte and when and how to give it. She will also be answering listeners questions submitted both before and during the call.

Listeners will receive a special offer of 25% off  Thunes’ new personalized electrolyte replacement plan.  Plans are specific to each individual horse and based on their weight, work level, climate and the latest scientific information regarding sweat loss and hydration.

For those who cannot make the live event on May 23rd a recording will be available for purchase from Summit’s website.

Summit Equine Nutrition LLC is an independent consulting company that was founded in 2007 by Dr. Clair Thunes with the goal of providing equine nutrition advice to horse owners, trainers and other industry professionals.  Dr Thunes works with a wide variety of horses from back yard ponies to US team members with the goal of insuring optimal health and performance through nutrition.  Further information about Summit Equine Nutrition LLC may be found at

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