Hitch – A Saddle Bag and Portable Saddle Rack In One



Medford, OR (April 27, 2012) Have you ever carried your saddle down the barn aisle only to discover there’s no place to put it? Problem solved with a new Swedish invention called –Hitch. It’s a new saddle bag and saddle hanger combined made of supple, water resistant nylon twill with a soft lining. There is a wide piece of nylon webbing that is sewn along the top with Velcro at one end and a large clip on the other. When in place, the nylon webbing runs along the top of the saddle from pommel to cantle and then under the gullet. You can then snap the large hook to almost anything to hang it anywhere. With Hitch your saddle can rest against a stall door, trailer, or truck while being fully protected.

When you need to take your saddle with you, just put the Hitch saddle bag on while it’s on your horse, carry it to your vehicle and when you get where you’re going – clip it anywhere. There is a sturdy padded handle on the top for easy transport. Hitch is available at www.ActionRiderTack.com.

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