Supports Development of America’s Next Generation of Riders

With Launch of New Online Youth Program

By Yellow Horse Marketing for, the online horse show and clinic network, announces an exciting new addition to their extensive lineup of different breed and discipline activities.  Beginning September 10th, members from any youth club or group anywhere across the country can participate in a revolutionary educational opportunity by submitting videos of their practice performances to receive a real-time voiceover commentary about their rides from an expert judge.  This inaugural Youth Fall Festival show will offer classes for English Equitation and Pleasure; Western Equitation and Pleasure; and Showmanship, all of which will be judged by Karen Homer-Brown, a widely-acclaimed judge who holds 14 licenses in a wide variety of breeds, disciplines, and organizations including the United States Equestrian Federation (USEF), Arabians, Morgans, Pintos, Saddle Seat, Western, and Driving.

This new show is available to youth free of charge to help riders assess their readiness for future shows and learn how to fine-tune their skills by receiving expert feedback through revolutionary voiceover commentary as to how they can improve their performances. Riders can choose to share the feedback they receive with other club or group members, so everyone can learn from the experience, thereby providing an opportunity to network with other youth from across the country.  As an added bonus from, any youth club or group which submits videos from at least five (5) different members will receive a $150 donation to use for future club or group equestrian activities, such as clinics or seminars.

Entering‘s online shows and clinics is easy.  By visiting the HorseShow.comwebsite, a rider can sign up for a free membership and set up a profile for her horse.  Competitors can then upload a video of their practice ride, filmed from the comfort of their own facility, and enter the show or clinic of their choice, after which an expert judge reviews all video entries.  With‘s unique online judging format, judges have the luxury of being able to take extra time to review and play back videos, resulting in more thorough scores, comments and feedback than may be possible in a live show.  Riders find out not only how they would do in a real show, but also what specific things they can work on to improve their performances for the next competition.

“I think this is a wonderful opportunity for kids,” said Eleanor Keeler, past leader of the Kimberwickes youth club in upstate New York for more than a decade.  “They can easily take videos of practice rides at home or get together to film each other at a mounted club meeting, and then afterwards review the results and feedback both from the judge and from each other’s rides.  Not only can members learn so much from this to help prepare for live shows, but they can earn money for a club clinic or seminar to further their hands-on education.  Every little bit helps.  If I were still a youth leader, we’d sure be working for this!”

For more information about‘s new youth program, review sample videos, sign up for a free member profile, and easily upload a video, visit the website

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