Online horse show site opens competition to horse owners everywhere launches ‘Coolest Horse in the World’ competition with $5,000 grand prize for entry with most votes logo
DETROIT – Horse lovers and owners everywhere can show off their favorite horse to a worldwide audience of horse enthusiasts, and show them why their horse is the coolest in the world.’s ‘Coolest Horse in the World’ is a fun, lighthearted competition with a serious prize for the winner.
The contest, which opened on Thursday, November 24, allows contestants to upload a video of their horse and to explain why their horse is the coolest. Contestants from around the world will compete for the $5,000 grand prize.
Entries will be voted on by viewers and visitors, and the first entry to 5,000 votes will win $5,000. Each registered member will have the ability to vote for their favorite video once a day, for a total of up to five votes. Individuals wishing to vote in the competition can visit to register for free.
“ is positioned to become the leader in online horse show competitions,” says Jeff Sloan, founder and CEO of “While we offer shows that are more serious, we also hold competitions that are more lighthearted, like the ‘Coolest Horse in the World’ contest.”
While the ‘Coolest Horse in the World’ contest is free, offers other judged shows and competitions to horse owners. Entry fees average around $20, and contestants are graded by United States Equestrian Federation certified judges. This economically affordable opportunity opens the door for horse enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. competitions offer additional benefits outside of large cash prizes. Competitors receive comment cards from judges that explain why the class was placed that particular way, and offer tips on how to improve. As a result, riders can use these comment cards as tools to improve and be better prepared when entering traditional horse shows.
To enter’s ‘Coolest Horse in the World’ contest, individuals must sign up for a free account on the website, and create their horse’s profile. They can upload their video directly or link it from YouTube.
About is an online horse show site designed to provide an alternative way for equestrians to compete and network with a global audience. welcomes all breeds, disciplines and experience levels to take part in a series of shows ranging from those judged by professionals to fun shows judged by other members of the community. Aside from learning experiences and gaining a competitive advantage, members can collect ribbons, trophies and cash prizes all from the comfort of their home.  The average cost to participate in a show is $20, saving riders’ time, money and the hassles of traveling.
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