If you wanted to see good cowboys ride bucking stock or rope, you would go to a rodeo. If you wanted to see good horse trainers, you would go to a horse show. If you want to see good hands starting horses, you might go to a clinic, a horse expo, or watch horse trainers on DVD or television.  However, you might just be watching good showmanship or salesmanship, not necessarily true horsemanship.

Being an entertainer doesn’t necessarily make someone a good horseman or a good hand at starting young horses.  There are many good hands starting colts behind the scenes, under the radar on remote ranches where nobody sees or hears about them.

Wouldn’t it be fascinating to bring some of these talented horsemen together with the world renowned names in one place, at one time, for the public to watch them start young horses just like they would at home?  We’re not talking about working one horse for three or four hours, but rather transforming a herd of 40 unstarted horses, into a group of young saddle horses, ready to do ranch work or competitive events.  By this, we mean you will be able to witness every aspect of these young horses being started.  From the first time they are saddled, to their progression into being able to do a job. Some of the horsemen will be exhibiting cow horse, cattle working, roping and ranch branding demonstrations by the end of the event as well.

This type of authentic western horsemanship is what Rowly and Cathie Twisselman, owners of the Madonna Inn Quarter Horses in Southern California, and horsemanship clinicians, Chris Cox and Martin Black have organized. They call this new and unique event, THE HORSEMEN’S RE-UNION. This one-of-a-kind assembly of top hands will be held April 2-7, 2012 at the California Mid-State Fairgrounds in Paso Robles, California. 20 skilled horsemen, a mix of well-known clinicians, professional horsemen and ranch cowboys, will start 40 head of two year and three year old horses over six days. At no other event, anywhere in the world, has the public witnessed this many horses being started by more top horsemen in one place, at one time, all working without the pressure of the clock or a prestigious title.

The sixth and final day will conclude with a Grand Finale/Sale Preview and a First Ever Horsemen’s Re-Union Horse Sale where many of the horses that were started at this event will be offered to the public at auction. Also, the horsemen have been offered spots to sell some of their own personal, more experienced mounts to be consigned to this one of a kind, prestigious sale.

Horsemen will be coming from six states and four nations. Chris Cox, Pat Parelli, Joe Wolter, Bryan Neubert, Jimmy Neubert, Luke Neubert, Martin Black, Wade Black, Ty Van Norman, Thomas Saunders V, Clayton Anderson, Frank Dominguez and Ed Robertson all from the United States; Sid Cook, Mike Sears and Blake Schlosser all from Canada;  Antoine Cloux from Switzerland; Rob Leach and Ron Wall  from Australia, have all confirmed their participation.

These horsemen will volunteer their time and talent for the camaraderie and the chance to participate with the most diverse group of their peers ever assembled.  They won’t be judged or timed and no awards will be given. The only rule is to keep riders and horses safe.  The event producers and horseman have all agreed to share the risk of their own investments of time and money in an effort to provide an educational horsemanship opportunity like that of no other.

Besides great displays of horsemanship and colt starting during the day, there will also be a Horsemen’s & Sponsor’s Trade Show followed by evenings of entertainment featuring autograph sessions and round-table discussions with the horsemen. There will be Chuck-Wagon Cook-Offs and Wine Tasting from various local wineries.  There will be Cowboy Poetry and Country Music from some very famous and some new, exciting up and coming stars.

Along with this, we will also be posting updates with new, “surprise” demonstrations that will be happening along with our great Horsemen’s Re-Union lineup.  So be sure to check our website regularly so you don’t miss anything. This event is already proving to be a one of a kind venue that has surpassed our highest expectations.


            Don’t miss out!  Be a part of the…


APRIL 2-7, 2012

California Mid State Fairgrounds

Paso Robles, California


Spectators may purchase tickets to attend all 6 days for $180 or $35 per day. Event and Ticket information will be available thru

horsemensreunion.com or at the gate.


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