Pro Equine Grooms Partners With

To Educate Grooms And Employers On Current Employment Issues

June 5, 2012 – San Diego, CA – Liv Gude announced today the launch of Pro Equine Groom’s new series of articles and resources to help Grooms and Employers understand current employment issues in the horse industry. Pro Equine Grooms is joining forces with Marcia Hancock, the visionary behind

Marcia Hancock is dedicated to writing resumes, biographies, CVs, for job applications, grant submissions, academic materials, posters for conferences and presentations, and specializesin working with professionals and everyday people within the horse industry.

Current topics available for viewing on include Harassment-Part I, Employee vs. Independent Contractor, and How to Dress for a Job Interview for a Grooming Position.

Future topics include Workman’s Compensation, Health Insurance, Harassment-Part II, What You Can and Cannot Ask in a Job Interview, Background Checks, Your New Boss!, Salary vs. Hourly-What Does This Mean?, How To Apply for a Job, How To Give Notice, Family Owned or Large Operations?, Training-When You Need It and How To Ask, Full Time vs. Part-Time, Internships, What To Do If You Are Not Paid and Other Emergencies, Guidelines For Being a Good Employee/Employer.

Pro Equine Grooms is also planning an Employment Resource Link Center on to allow easy access to pertinent employment resources, such as the IRS and the Department of Labor.  Current news articles highlighting employment issues in the horse industry are also included.

Liv Gude, Founder, states “I am very pleased to be working with Marcia and  Marcia’s wealth of knowledge in Human Resources and expertise as a job search advisor is a valuable asset to employers and grooms in the horse industry.  Look for new articles monthly!”

Marcia Hancock states “Liv’s passion and commitment to bringing attention to workplace issues specific to the horse industry is unequaled!  Liv is an inspiration!’

Both Liv and Marcia welcome ideas, comments, feedback, and future article suggestions.

For more information, please contact:

Liv Gude

Professional Equine Grooms


Marcia Hancock

The Job Search Advisor


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