Professional Farriers Announce Formation of Program to Assist Injured or Ill Farriers

The American Association of Professional Farriers (AAPF) and Canadian Association of Professional Farriers (CAPF) Farriers Assistance Program is a grass roots program that allows our membership the ability to help take care of our own. This is a short-term program to assist members through tough times that may occur. There are three main functions of this program: networking, helping with work load while down and donations/fundraising. This program will allow the membership the ability to help fellow members no matter where they are located in a productive way.


The most powerful tool we have is the ability to share information. With the use of the AAPF/CAPF web site and Facebook pages we will be able to get the word circulated to all members.  No matter where you are located this program will be able to do something to help in your time of need.

Work Load

Our goal is to let everyone in a member’s area know that someone is in need so that the membership can pull together to lend a helping hand with work load. We recommend that all proceeds from work go to the injured farrier. This agreement will be left to the parties involved. The Farriers Assistance program will assist as needed.

Fund Raising and Donations

The AAPF/CAPF Farriers Assistance Committee’s first goal is to raise money to fund the program. This will be accomplished in the form of donations, fundraisers and auctions. It may also be possible to collect supplies needed to assist in the reimbursement of those used to provide assistance to farriers that are helped.

The Farriers Assistance Program is designed to allow AAPF/CAPF members to have the peace of mind that they are not alone. It allows the member to take advantage of the entire membership – strength in numbers. It is designed to be a hand up not a hand out. We all know that the only thing better than receiving a helping hand when you need one is being able to offer a hand to someone in need. The AAPF/CAPF is open to listening to any ideas members or horse owners may have to make this a better program.  Please contact the AAPF at 859-533-1465 or email 


The American Association of Professional Farriers is a non-profit trade organization created in 2012 to represent the interests of professional farriers and others involved in the farrier industry.  The primary objectives of the new association are: continuing education, member support and serving as a hoof-care reference for horse owners.  The AAPF is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.

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