Manage Annoying Flies and Fly Bites


Managing annoying flies is a constant battle, even with all of the sprays, salves and “protectors” out there on the market. The problem of fly bites is exacerbated tenfold when the horse has insect allergies, which results in itchiness, hair loss, hives and even open wounds. Sharon Jantzen explores a solution to managing our horse’s fly bites.

No Hoof, No Horse – Put a Stop to Thrush


Left untreated, thrush can lead to more serious issues, such as hoof abscesses, white-line disease and frog decay. As the bacteria and fungus get deeper into the hoof, they wreak havoc on what is actually quite a fragile part of the horse’s body. It has been said by many a veterinarian, farrier and knowledgeable horseman, “No hoof, no horse”, and that’s the truth. Sharon Jantzen takes a look at how to stop thrush in its tracks.