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Topical Wound Care for Even the Ugliest of Wounds

We’ve all been there… You approach your horse’s stall with a smile on your face, and instead of being greeted by the usual happy and healthy equine friend, you’re instead greeted by a bloody wound. It’s natural to go into assessment mode immediately. Do I need to call the vet? Does this need stitches or wrapping? Is this something I can treat on my own? What should I use to treat it, and how?

Horses are notoriously prone to injury in some form or another, and the above scenario has happened to many fellow equestrians. What action would you take to treat a wound on your equine friend, either minor or catastrophic? What remedies do you have available to care for your horse’s wound topically? We found some useful information from an article titled “Topical Wound Care in Horses”, published by The Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences College at Texas A&M University regarding wound care:

“A wound to your horse’s body can take the form of an abrasion, puncture or full thickness skin cut,” notes Dr. Glennon Mays, clinical associate professor. “Wound treatment may include a combination of antibiotics to control infection, anti-inflammatory injections for pain management and ointments for wound medication.”

So, to properly care for a wound, a multi-tiered approach is needed: first something that has antibacterial properties, then anti-inflammatory agents, and finally something that will protect and medicate the wound. Well-Horse Wound Skin Remedy covers all these areas with one product…and it’s all-natural to boot!

Well-Horse Wound Skin Remedy has quickly become a staple in many an equestrian’s personal medical kit…and it was created right here on the Central Coast! It has antibacterial properties to help stop infections in their tracks and has natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties – not caustic, drying chemicals that can lead to the appearance of scarring or proud flesh. Well-Horse is also a skin-nourishing, healing medication that is not an “ointment” which draws dirt to the open wound. Well-Horse is brushed or sprayed onto the wound. As it dries a flexible layer of protection forms, much like resin on wood, which protects against the growth of bacteria so that the wound can heal cleanly. But it’s one thing to read about the benefits of a product, and quite another to hear (and see) real life stories of horses who have benefited from this product…so let’s see how a few equestrians who have faced catastrophic wounds have helped their equine friends by using Well-Horse Products.

Christa’s horse went through a fence and ended up with a nasty knee wound. She used Well-Horse Wound Care for 60 days and shares a pleasant result with these seeing-is-believing photographs.

Annie’s horse received a leg wound in a trailer accident; it received vet care, but didn’t heal well, until Well-Horse was used.

“I just wanted to share my story of results using Well-Horse resin spray.

The first time we took my new mare off the farm to school cross country, she had a horrible trailer accident, skinning her cannon bone down to the tendon and receiving several puncture wounds at the hock.  The vet stitched her immediately with the little skin that was left.  After three weeks and spending three hours per day walking, cold-hosing, cleaning, and putting ointment on the wound, it looked worse than ever.  Pound flesh was growing and the wound was swollen, opening up the skin again.  The vet thought she would probably have to cut off a flap of skin because it was not healing to the flesh underneath.  I was so depressed that my new horse would be so badly scarred.  I searched online looking for a miracle, and found Well-Horse.  Though I did not really believe the claims, I had to try it since I had already tried everything else.  The results were incredible!  My vet checked the wound a week after I started using Well-Horse, and literally gasped because it looked so much better.  Now after five weeks using just Well-Horse, the wound is almost totally healed and the scars from the puncture wounds and scrapes are not visible.  Now I use Well-Horse for everything!  Thank you so much!  Here are some pictures of the initial wound, then after three weeks without Well-Horse, then after five weeks with Well-Horse!”

Diane tells the story of a gaping chest wound that her friend’s horse received.

“The first picture of my friend’s mare was taken on May 12th after the stitches came out.  The vet said the flap of skin would have to be cut off at some point and the healing process would be very slow.  The second picture was taken June 7th after using Well-Horse since May 12th.  The flap no longer needs to be surgically removed and it is healing beautifully.  No swelling, bugs, infection or dead skin. 

Monica’s horse got an ugly face gash…something that no equestrian wants to deal with. It healed quite well with Well-Horse.

“My mare had quite the freak accident a month ago and slashed her face open. I always thought the results of Well-Horse were too good to be true, but I must say that I’m incredibly impressed! 30 days of application and her cut has fully healed – hair growth and all. Anyone who has asked me what I did to make it heal so quickly has heard me say that it’s some “magical potion”. It stayed clean and kept proud flesh from growing and made the cut diminish in size literally over night. I took daily pictures and I couldn’t believe my eyes… still can’t as I look back at them. I’m very happy with the results!!

Here at SLO Horse News, we know first hand the benefits of Well-Horse. Our own Editor, Sarah Williams, has been a promoter of the product almost since its inception. The product’s creator was her farrier some years ago, and Sarah was given samples of the product when it first came onto the market. Sarah has shared many stories of this “magical potion” being used on her own horses and friend’s horses for everything from rain rot and minor skin irritations to catastrophic injuries that required the initial intervention of a veterinarian. That’s the beauty of Well-Horse…it can be used for just about everything, including in conjunction with the treatment of your veterinarian. So, don’t wait for your horse to greet you with a nasty gash or wound, be prepared by grabbing a bottle (or two) of Well-Horse Wound Skin Remedy today! Pick up Well-Horse products online or at your local tack/feed store.


All photos courtesy of Well-Horse

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