Replace a Myriad of Remedies with One Amazing Natural Wound Care Product

When it comes to wound care, as horse owners, our tack boxes are typically saturated with ointments and pastes, sprays and gels, and it seems as though every wound requires something different. We have sticky fingers, stained hands, and our horses often end up with wounds covered in products that actually attract dirt. There has to be a better way. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if one, natural product could take the place of all of these remedies? “Well”, we’re in all in luck, because “Well-Horse” does just that!

“My favorite Well-Horse success story involves my daughter’s horse, because this is what launched us into the Well-Horse Company,” explained Tim Demma, President of Well-Horse. “Ashley’s horse gashed his leg on a piece of cement at the bottom of a fence post. The gash sliced open the skin on the outside of the right front leg from the bottom of the knee to the top of the fetlock. This location is particularly challenging because of the low blood flow to the lower extremities. Coco Fernandez (Well-Horse founder) applied the Well-Horse product and wrapped the leg. Three days later the wound had shrunk in size by half and was clean. For the remainder of the treatment, the wound was left open, as the Well-Horse product forms a protective shield over the treated area. On Day 17 the wound was minor, and by day 30 all of the hair had grown back with no white scarring and no proud flesh. We were amazed and realized that we needed to create a formula and bottle it!”

Coco Fernadenz Master FarrierCoco Fernandez grew up heavily involved in the Thoroughbred racing industry in Peru. While living in and around the Amazon, he discovered the natural and amazing healing powers of a centuries-old native wound remedy, commonly known as “dragon’s blood”, and created his own formula. Coco relocated to the United States and became a Certified Master Farrier, graduating from Oklahoma Farrier College. He used his wound remedy on his client’s horses to treat thrush, scratches and a host of other wounds, and witnessed amazing results, but it wasn’t until he experienced the results on Ashley’s horse that he really realized he was onto something.

Tim Demma, who has been in sales “all his life”, joined Coco in this endeavor about six years ago, which is the same time he and his wife moved to the Central Coast, where his wife spent her childhood. “Our first product was for thrush and wounds, and we found it to be very effective,” explained Tim. “I recently retired and now spend most of my time on Well-Horse, going to Trade Shows and Horse Events throughout the country and abroad. We purpose to develop life-long customers.”

Over and over again, people are amazed by the results of this “wonder” product from the Amazon.

Well-Horse is antibacterial, anti-fungal, antiviral, anti-itch, and is an analgesic and anti-inflammatory; on top of all of this, it’s all-natural! Well-Horse creates a barrier on the skin, so minimal wrapping -if any- is needed.

The final result in horses combats proud flesh and that pesky white hair associated with scarring, which makes it the perfect product for trail riders to avid competitors alike.

The Well-Horse company is based in SLO County, selling its products through a dealership network of over 1000 Feed and Tack stores. It is also available in on-line stores throughout the US, Puerto Rico, Canada , Germany, UK, Australia, and Sweden and of course through its own website. The product line has expanded from the original thrush and wound care remedies, to fly barrier protection and a more comprehensive wound care product line. An exciting shampoo formula is currently in the works. Well-Horse products can be used on all pets, and is completely not toxic.

From the Amazon jungles to our own backyard, Well-Horse is a product line that has revolutionized the wound care industry, not only in SLO county, but around the world. The dream is to connect to an even larger equine community and turn Well-Horse into a household name across the globe…and the folks behind this wonder remedy are “Well” on their way. So, head to any one of our local feed or tack stores and pick up a few products from the Well-Horse line; you won’t be disappointed, and we have a feeling that you will be singing the praises of this product to your horsey friends in no time!

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