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Sharon Jantzen Photos

Some of the photos seen in the stories on SLO Horse News and photos from events Sharon Jantzen has captured are available for purchase.

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Sealing Memories: The Importance of a Pet Bereavement Counselor

“He was a mess of grief,” recalls Laurie. “Even more so as we gave him time to say farewell to his dog.” The scene was especially touching as the unconventional pairing demonstrated a sincere bond between a tough cowboy and his fluffy dog. Sharon Jantzen talks with Laurie Abshire, Pet Bereavement Counselor at Eden Memorial Pet Care in Paso Robles.

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Lessons Learned at a Bridleless Riding and Mounted Archery Clinic

Throughout the clinic days this thread of bigger lessons was weaving itself through the participants, binding us together and turning us into a brand-new band of horse archers. The camaraderie experience builds on these bigger lessons. Sharon Jantzen shares lessons learned at a Bridleless Riding and Mounted Archery Clinic which is coming again to the Central Coast.

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To, Through and Back to SLO County : A Newly-Minted Veterinarian’s Journey

Finishing out her last year at Cornell came to an early and abrupt halt two months before graduation. Across the country University hospitals closed to students. Elizabeth decided it best to make her way back “home” to the Central Coast where Megan Judge of Central Coast Polo welcomed her with open arms. Sharon Jantzen talks with newly-minted vet Elizabeth Peck about her journey of becoming a vet which takes her to, through and back to SLO County.

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The Power of Breathing Your Horse to Calmness

Horses feel tension in us and in their herd. It is one of the triggers of the flight or fight survival instinct. Becoming mindful of our breathing can help us communicate calmness to our horses and can rid us of the tension our horses respond negatively to. Sharon Jantzen shares her “aha” moment at The Movement 2019 to get us excited about The Movement 2020.

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